Choosing the Right Chandelier for Your Home

Adding a chandelier may be just what you need to bring sophistication, style or just plain fun to any room in your home.

Your dining room may simply not feel complete without a chandelier over the table.

If you’ve decided that a chandelier is the perfect accent to your dining room, kitchen, or any other room in your house, the next step is selecting the appropriate style.

When we hear the word “chandelier,” most of us probably think of a traditional crystal chandelier.

No matter what type of chandelier you select, it will add warmth and elegance to your dining room.Crystal chandeliers can bring elegance and style to a room that is unlike any other fixture. This is where you should start your search if your living or dining room is somewhat formal.

An ornate crystal chandelier complements a deep mahogany dining set, while a more modern abode might be better suited by a smaller, pendant design. No matter what, if crystal chandeliers are your preference, this traditional fixture will offer a design to meet your desires.

Looking for something a little more adventurous? Try a wrought iron chandelier for a bold addition to your home. Wrought iron chandeliers offer a variety of finishes which can incorporate traditional styles into a more contemporary feel with cleaner lines, adding style without taking all the attention.

Wrought iron chandeliers are also perfect for a Mediterranean or South American style home. A wrought iron chandelier might also offer more flexibility than a traditional chandelier in certain rooms, and can be complimented very easily with a wall sconce or another light fixture.

Care to step out of the Old World altogether? If your design preferences are solely from the modern era, a contemporary chandelier might be more up your alley. Contemporary chandeliers offer the widest variety of styles to satisfy your design palette.

Perhaps try a contemporary chandelier that is simple, sleek, and geometric for your modern setting. If your living space cries out for a splash of color, there are plenty of contemporary chandeliers to fit the bill.

Remember, chandeliers are better suited for decoration than for providing light. You will be far better off choosing a chandelier with a design that captures your imagination, while bolstering your room’s ambient lighting with other sources, rather than purchasing a chandelier with a hundred lights in an attempt to light your room with a sole light source.

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