Chandelier Lighting Creates a Mood

Choosing a crystal chandelier is like buying expensive jewelry; you can get something affordable or you can really splurge on some bling!

The crystals in a chandelier crystal will be either hand cut, machine cut or molded.

The quality of crystal you choose, and the detail, finish, overall size and design quality of the lighting fixture will all impact its cost. The type of chandelier shades you choose will also have an impact on budget and can give the lighting fixture a much different appearance.

Chandeliers are available in both incandescent and energy fluorescent light sources. Styles can be eclectic, contemporary, art deco, or very the traditional crystal chandeliers. If you really want to splurge, find a vintage antique chandelier and have it rewired for a unique conversation piece.

You can choose from single-tier, multi-tier chandeliers and bound-glass chandelier types. Some available chandelier finishes include antique silver, brass, white or pearl finished, weathered iron, and aged bronze.

Chandeliers add interest and warmth to a great foyer or entry way. Selecting the right size and style for your home is key.Chandelier Lighting Sets the Tone

Adding a crystal chandelier to the room is a great way of setting a tone and focal point for a particular room. The chandelier typically serves as a decorative room element that enhances the charm of the room and accents other furnishings.

Chandeliers enhance the beauty of the living room or the dining area. When it is lit and light is dim, a glowing atmosphere like that of candlelight is created. It is simply mesmerizing. Adding a dimmer gives you the ability to change the level and effect of light and glimmer in your room.

Chandeliers add sparkle to the dining area while giving general light. Chandeliers can be used in bedrooms, living room, or foyers. Some chandeliers are also designed in a style having downlights that are suitable for table games or for homework or for any other table settings.

Installing Your Chandelier

Chandeliers are much heavier and complex than other ceiling fittings. Most chandeliers are attached to ceiling-mounted electrical junction box. They are typically fitted to the electric box with special reinforcing. You can select the chandelier shades and glasses to customize and personalize your configuration.

Handy homeowners can follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do the installation, but unless you are sure of your electrical and mechanical skills, hiring a contractor or handy man may be the best option.

In order to have a right impact of the chandelier lights, it is necessary to position the chandelier light properly. A crystal chandelier if hung in the dining room should be placed just above the dining table and should not hang too low or it will crowd the table. When installing in the dining room or kitchen, your crystal chandelier should hang at least thirty inches over the table.

Crystal lighting fixtures should be about twelve inches less in diameter than the width of the dining table. Follow these tips so that your chandelier complements the ambiance and does not overpower your room furnishings.

The chandelier should be in proper proportion and scale to the dining table. The chandelier should be hung with at least 48 inches clearance from any walls. Light from the chandelier to close above a person will feel uncomfortable and cause excessive heat.

Install a quality wall dimmer in order to control the intensity of the light and set it as per one’s mood.

Foyer and Entryway Chandeliers

To give separation between interior spaces of the house and the exterior, placing chandeliers in a foyer or home entryway is also a great application for a decorative chandelier.

When hanging chandelier in a foyer, hang it at a height so that the light illuminates the entire space. These chandeliers should be longer and more vertically oriented than those used in the dining room.

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