Home Lighting: 5 Modern Design Trends for 2012

When it comes to home decor, lighting is sometimes overlooked. However, a well lit room has an influence on our personal well-being and by adding extra light the ambiance of a room can be changed easily. Over the past years, a new focus on home lighting has devveloped. As colors and lighting transform our moods and living spaces, lighting fixtures in modern design continue to gain momentum.

Modern lighting fixtures play an important role in creating fashionable interior design. In 2012, lighting trends include both functional and highly decorative elements. Furthermore, lighting manufacturers celebrate their contemporary creations as comfortable luxury and provide even more fascinating designs by the use of eco-friendly and extraordinary materials. In this context, unique lighting ideas are an assortment of elegant color combinations, natural materials and luxurious fabrics.

Taking advantage of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), eco-friendliness is another important part of home lighting. The smaller size of LEDs, applicable in many ways, is another advantage for manufacturing extraordinary design lights. Additionally, dimmable lights are very common for home lighting, as they offer a broad spectrum of illumination by saving energy costs at the same time. The following 5 modern design trends will portray how to add some extra charm to your home lighting.

(1) Lighting Fixtures Paying Homage To Mother Nature

Interior design inspired by nature has always been part of decorating homes. Natural motifs in lighting design range over all four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Some decorative lights look  like sea shells, corals, flowers or tree branches and currently many more organic shapes are in vogue. The fascination of the underwater world, being an inspiration to lighting designers, is for example found at Pallucco Lighting. With the Coral floor lamp, consisting of a lampshade made of several coral branches, the company provides a unique design that will be an eye-catcher for any living space.

(2) Italian Lighting Design To Be At The Forefront Of Pendant Lighting

For dining and living rooms, pendant lights are still one of the most used lighting sources. This year’s’ home lighting trends also refer to oversized drum shade lights for a comfortable appearance. In particular, pendant lights with a fabric shade emanate soft light which is perceived as pleasing. Those lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling are usually suspended by a chain or metal rod. Some of the designer lamps are even used in multiples and hung in a straight line. As size and material highly vary, there is a choice for every homeowner. First and foremost, consumers should consider the modern Italian lighting design by Flos and other manufacturers. The picture of the Fucsia 12 suspension lamp just gives one idea for the miscellaneous use of pendants.

(3) Contemporary Chandeliers For A Stylish Interior Design

In 2012, chandeliers continue to be a favorable selection for living room lighting. Apart from illumination, modern chandeliers serve as decorative items. It is recommendable selecting a chandelier first, before furniture and interior design accessories are chosen. That makes it easier to create a welcoming ambiance following one decorating pattern. Speaking of materials, murano glass and other crystal guarantee an elegant look and are frequently used by Italian lighting designers. The Mirage chandelier of De Majo Illuminazione is just one example for a timeless elegant design.

(4) Home Lighting Make-Over With Wall Lights, Table And Floor Lamps

From simple design to elegant lines of decorative lighting fixtures, a good illumination requires several lighting sources. As a result, new lighting spots inside the room will provide a stylish interior design. Inspired by the heyday of highly decorative furnishings and accessories, the Masiero Klok table lamp might be the perfect choice for lounge areas.

There is a huge variety of lighting fixtures that can be arranged versatilely. Additionally, wall sconces are used for illuminating certain areas inside the room (accent lighting) or for creating a warm ambiance with warm white light being emitted in front of colorful walls (ambient lighting). Catellani & Smith is an expert in fulfilling both lighting functions with the amazing lights of its PostKrisi lighting series.

(5) Mood Lighting With Colorful Lighting Fixtures

Light color and the overall illuminance of a lighting fixtures are just two of many influencing parameters of mood lighting. The trend is moving in a direction that allows creating a unique ambiance by manufacturing colorful design lights such as the Artemide Giocasta soffitto 3 ceiling light.

Light that can be varied by means of dimmers is another technique that works well for creating a cozy atmosphere at home. Last but not least, quality is of utmost importance and does especially refer to the world-wide progress in energy-efficient lighting.

About the Author: Daniela Schär is an expert in lighting design providing services and a variety of design lights at www.lightingdeluxe.com. Her company belongs to the leading retailers of modern lighting fixtures from renowned manufacturers and offers free shipping world-wide.

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