Home Improvements To Reduce Energy And Save Money

kitchen sink granite countertopAre you finding your bills out of control? What about your energy waste? Do you feel like you’re wasting far too much energy, for instance? If so, there are plenty of home improvements that you can make to reduce costs and waste.


One of the big ways to save money and protect the environment is to use water efficiently in your home. Consider some of these facts:

  • Tap water costs about a penny per gallon, while bottled water can often cost as much as $8 per gallon and creates more environmental waste.
  • It takes about 6,400 of electricity per year to heat water for a four-person family with an electric water heater.
  • Electric water heaters, for a family of four, produce over double the CO2 emissions of a standard car. The exact number is an average of 8 tons per year, while a car would produce about 4 tons per year.
  • Natural gas or oil water filters, meanwhile, create an average of about 2 tons of CO2 emissions per year, for a family of four.

So, if you want to make some quick home improvements that save money and the environment, trade in your bottled water for a home water filter. Another good thing is to examine the way in which you heat water in your home. A solar water heater is much cheaper to run and much more efficient as well as environmentally friendly.

Kitchen Improvements

The kitchen is one area of the home where energy is often wasted in large amounts, usually through the use ofkitchen, oven

appliances. For example, let’s look at some common oven mistakes:

  • Pre-Heating The Oven When It’s Not Required
  • Opening The Oven To Check The Food
  • Using The Oven To Cook Only One Small Thing

In some cases, opening your oven door can drop the temperature in the oven by more than 25 degrees. A good solution is to set a timer and trust your recipe. You can also get an oven with a clear window and a light so that you can see in without opening the door.

Of course, cooking with an oven at all is also a questionable practice, especially in the warm weather when there’s no need to be heating your house up. So, a great and simple home improvement is to get yourself a toaster oven, such as the Breville BOV650XL, and use it as often as you can, rather than using a regular oven.

Toaster ovens are great because they can be heated up quickly and efficiently, they use less energy than a large oven and they fit anywhere. They are wonderful for single people and small meals. Some of them even have the capacity to cook a whole pizza or make multiple pieces of toast at a time. So, why should you spend the time and energy or create the heat that comes with turning on a regular oven to make a small amount of food?

Other Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

Of course, the energy savings don’t stop there. You can also do a lot of other things to save yourself money and prevent environmental waste in your home. For instance:

  • Use natural sunlight, as opposed to electric lighting, when you can.
  • Use timers and motion sensors to prevent lights from staying on when they aren’t needed.
  • Use energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs. They can use two thirds less energy than regular bulbs do.
  • Unplug any appliances and electronics that aren’t in use. Any outlet emits power when in use, even if the appliance itself is turned off.

These ten tips to make your house more energy efficient can also help you make the most of saving energy and money in your home.


Finally, use the technology around you. You’d be surprised at what they have come out with to help people save energy. For instance, both outlets and power cords that will glow when in use exist now. Also, technological advancements have allowed appliances to become much more energy efficient. So, one of the best eco-friendly home improvements that you can make is to simply get all of your appliances replaced with newer, more efficient models.

About the author:

This guest post was contributed by Rebecca Martel, who specializes in green living home improvements. She also publishes articles on energy efficient gadgets and the latest consumer gadgets like the Cuisinart Toaster Oven and green appliances for the kitchen.

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