Home Improvements That Save You Money: 5 Ways to Save on Homeowner’s Insurance Through Improvements

We can not deny that fact that during these hard times, financial problems have become a part of our everyday challenges. Increasing price commodities, piles of bills, apartment rentals and home mortgage to pay, and other maintenance expenses, budgeting money to fit all these payments has really become a struggle to most of us.

For this very reason, it is very important to find innovative ways to save money and cut down on our day to day expenses. By doing some alternatives from our usual routines, it will greatly amaze us on how much money we can save, and in return, spend it on more important matters.

However, there are big steps that we can do in order to save us money. An example of this is doing improvements on our homes. Home improvements can really help homeowners in so many ways. It can greatly improve the aesthetics of the house. It can also help increase the value of the house in situations wherein homeowners want to sell the house.

Just by spending a few dollars on home improvements, can greatly save homeowners hundreds of dollars on their home insurance and can even save a significant amount of money as time goes by. There are several tips on home improvements that homeowners can do themselves. In the end, doing some major changes like decreasing on future expenses and increasing efficiency of your home can greatly save you money.

5 Home Improvements that Save Money on Homeowner’s Insurance

Below are five great ways to save money on homeowners insurance:

I. Appliances Modification

1. Energy-efficient appliances use less power so you can greatly save on your electric bills. Appliances that are frequently used or are being plugged 24/7 needs to be replaced such as refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine with dryer, heaters and air conditioners. There are already so many energy-efficient appliances in the market today.

2. Choosing consumer grade appliances over the luxurious professional type of appliances can save you lots of money because they are more affordable and efficient and with less maintenance but still perform the same main function.

II. Insulation Modification

1. Proper insulation requires less energy spent to heat and cool your home, so you can save on your electric or utility bills. Without proper insulation, in can greatly contribute to the increasing home expenses. With poor insulation, heat can easily enter the house putting much workload on your home air conditioners. Fighting against the heat entering the house needs more effort just to keep the house cool enough. And during cold season, poor circulation easily lets heat out of the house, this time putting increase workload on your heaters or burn more wood in your fireplace just to maintain the right temperature inside your house.

2. Updating old heating system to a newer, more energy efficient system is less likely to overheat and prevent from causing fires. Updating old heating system is cost efficient and gives safety to your house. Most modern homes have a programmable thermostat that will allow you to control and conserve the amount of energy used to cool and heat your home.

3. Plant trees around your backyard will provide beauty to your surroundings at the same time provide shade and protection to your home especially during summer months and gives a cooler temperature over one degree. During cold season, trees can serve as wind breakers for improving the amount of energy lost by the cold.

III. Alarm System Installation

1. By installing a burglar alarm system, you can enjoy a five percent (5%) discount you’re your home insurance premiums. Depending on your home insurance provider, discounts vary according to the type of alarm system you place. A high-end sophisticated alarm system for your home can earn you up to fifteen to twenty percent (15-20%) discount. A simple and not too expensive deadbolt locks can give you small discounts too, so it is important to inform your home insurance providers on what home alarm systems you placed in your house. If your provide does not help you with a good rate, you should go online and compare home insurance quotes.

2. Installing proper smoke alarm systems not only help prevent house fires and save lives, it can also help you save you a lot of money and earn discount off your home insurance premiums. Along with smoke alarms, fire extinguisher should be places within easy access from different parts of the house to immediately take action in case smoke alarms turn on; this can also lower home insurance premiums.

3. Installing motion-sensitive lights is a great innovation that can greatly reduce the risk of home theft and, therefore, should help you find lower home insurance rates.

IV. Update Plumbing and Wiring Systems

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1. Updating plumbing and wiring systems generally every ten years allows homeowners to save money in the long run and enjoy ten to fifteen percent less on home insurance. This can also save you from any unwanted complications from your old plumbing and wiring systems that can end homeowners spending hundreds of dollars for repairs and maintenance.

2. Insulating hot water tanks with the right material or just by wrapping the pipes that lead from the hot water tank throughout the faucets in your home can save you a great sum of money and reduce electricity bill.

3. Installing a water filtration system is good alternative for homeowners who are used to drinking bottled waters. With this filtration system, much better quality water can be achieved than the bottled water. You can help save the environment by producing less plastic bottles and save money from bottled waters but still get fresh filtered drinking water.

V. Window and Door Replacement

1. By replacing your older or lesser quality, drafty windows you can have the largest energy saving. You can reduce heat loss and reduce the workload of your heater and air conditioner. By blocking the cold air that passes around windows, this can keep homes warmer thus reduce heating expenditures. Installing new, double-pained and high quality windows can drastically decrease your electricity bills.

2. Installing shatterproof windows protect your windows from factors that can easily break them such as burglars, severe storms, hail, or being hit by objects like stones, baseball, and the like. There are some home insurance providers that offer discounts for installing shatterproof windows. However, it is still best to consult an agent if they really offer discounts.

3. Sliding glass doors can cause a huge amount of heat loss; therefore a replacement should be done. By doing these changes, you will be shocked of the overall savings you will get. Installing Impact-resistant doors will get you a reduced home insurance premium.

Other home improvements that you can do are:

1. Putting roof covering made of impact-resistant materials that are designed to withstand severe conditions such as severe storms and hails. Roofs wear down over time increasing its risk of sustaining significant damage. Putting gutter shields save you a lot of money from human labor to clean your gutters.

2. Paint modification gives your house a brighter and fresher look and can counter gloomy days reducing the need to use many lights during the day.

3. Floor modifications such as using engineered flooring instead of true hardwood and vinyl flooring instead of expensive natural materials save homeowners a great amount of money. Most quality engineered flooring looks almost like real wood but is easier to install that the true hardwood. Vinyl flooring has a realistic look, very easy to clean and maintain as compared to natural slate and ground tiles.

By doing these home improvements, you will surely see the difference not just to the overall structure and beauty of your house, but to the amount of money you could possibly save from your home insurance, and even save more for other future expenses. We need to be very practical these days and make use of our resources as much as possible. Spending a few dollars will save you hundreds more in the long run.

Author Bio: Nichole is a freelance writer for a website that is able to compare home insurance and car insurance. She is the master at saving people money on their house. Although saving money can be quite exciting, Nichole loves to go snorkeling in her nearby lagoon.

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