Caring for the Surfaces of Your Home

The surfaces of homes and businesses are what guests and clients see when they enter the space. Dirty or dull surfaces can under whelm clients and make guests uncomfortable. They can also be unhealthy for people living in homes and working in businesses. Therefore, it is very important not to only clean surfaces, but to care for them as well. With simple tools, such as the various types of floor machines and carpet cleaning machines, the surfaces of homes and businesses can become pleasing to the eye and healthy for those using them.

Caring for Bare Floors

Bare floors have no protection from walking traffic, busy children, crawling babies, pets, etc. They also have no protection from the discerning eye of guests and clients. To impress clients, keep guests comfortable and children safe, bare floors should be clean, shiny and free from dangerous imperfections, such as splinters and cracks. Regular washing, buffing and polishing will make bare floors look good, be safe and protect them from floor destroyers, such as spills, heels and rolling chairs. A good floor buffer can do all of the cleaning, polishing and protecting any bare floor needs.

Keeping a Clean Carpet

Carpets, while protecting bare floors and small children, are easily damaged by traffic and spills. Furthermore, failing to deep clean a carpet can leave it stained over time. A dirty carpet inside a business looks sloppy. Businesses want to present themselves as competent. A dirty carpet says the opposite. Inside the home, a dirty carpet can be unhealthy for children and pets. It can trap dirt, allergens and even parasites, like fleas. That is why it is important to vacuum carpets frequently and use a carpet cleaning machine whenever a carpet starts to look a little dingy. This will stop usage stains from setting in.

Clean Countertops for Good Health

Countertops are typically the place where people put their food, their hands, their personal belongings, such as keys and purses. If these surfaces are not cleaned regularly, they can transfer bacteria and other illnesses between people when food or hands touch them. Countertops are also typically below eye level and draw attention. If a business or home has dirty countertops, people will notice. Care for countertops by using disinfectant cleaners and keeping grout clean and complete. For example, if the grout is coming up, fix it, or the problem will only get worse.

Don’t Forget Walls and Doorframes

Walls are often neglected when people care for surfaces in their homes and businesses. People focus on the surfaces where we place items or on floors, which become obviously dirty. Walls should have the same kind of care, but typically

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do not require it as often. As any parent with young children can testify, people lean on walls and touch walls with their hands. They may leave behind greasy, dirty fingerprints and germs. Neither a home nor a business looks good with dirty walls. Care for walls by keeping the paint fresh and using paint that is easy to clean. From there, it is a simple matter of using a mild spray cleaner and soft rag to wipe down the walls.

Doorframes are another largely neglected surface of homes and businesses. Like walls, people often lean on them and touch them. Items brush up against them as people pass through as well. Keeping up with doorframes is the same as keeping up with walls. Make sure the paint looks fresh and is easy to clean. The use of a mild spray cleaner or a bucket of soap and water to wipe them down are all that is needed when they need cleaning.

Keeping surfaces clean is not difficult. Caring for them is simply a matter of maintenance and sufficient washing or vacuuming with the right products. This can help eliminate odours and bacteria/allergens in homes and businesses. It can also make the room in question look more presentable, homely or professional, and ensure people enjoy their stay and want to come back.

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