Energy Saving Tips for a Cool, Comfortable Home this Summer

The hot summer days are finally here and yes many of us can’t even stand the thought of not running the air conditioning, however with that thought comes the bill.  With the energy costs rising along with everything else, many of us have to cut costs where ever we can.  Some of us have older homes without central air conditioning so running a wall or window unit is anything but cost efficient.

In this article I will share with you some of the cost saving ideas that have worked in our home.  When purchasing our home as young, newlyweds often do, we did not even notice that the home didn’t come with central air conditioning.  After about 6 years of living here, we have learned all kinds of tips to keep it cool throughout the summer months.

To begin the first thing that our family does is watch the weather.  By anticipating nice cool nights we can open most of the windows in the house to let fresh cool air in while we sleep.  By naturally allowing the house to “breathe” you will find that even the smell of your home will be fresher naturally. The next thing that we do is close the windows during the day time hours; this will keep the cool air in and the hot, humid air out.  |f you forget to close your windows you may come home to one sticky, humid house, which in turn leads you to want to simply turn on the air conditioning and defies the point.

The third tip is to invest in ceiling fans.  They are great in most rooms throughout the house and keep air circulating.  They are cost efficient to run and give that natural breeze like feeling which will help to keep you cool.  Another great tip is to consider painting or staining your home a lighter color, maybe a neutral color like a tan or beige.  This will keep your home from showing dirt, while at the same time keeping it cooler than a darker color like brown or red.

When insulating your home, remember this is not to just keep your home warm in cooler weather, but also cool in warmer weather.  Insulate your home well.  If you invest in anything, I highly recommend this.  By choosing to insulate well, you will cut heating and cooling costs considerably.  Also, take a look at your windows. How old are they?  Do they allow air to seep in or out?  If so, attempt to either replace the windows or seal them thoroughly to cut on energy costs.

A fantastic way to naturally keep your home cool is plant a tree.  How you may ask?  Well, if you don’t already have trees around your home, I recommend you grow some.  The reason is for shade.  Looking at our own home, if we didn’t have the trees we do, we would have a much hotter home.  Some recommendations are Oaks or Maples.  These trees are hardy, they grow in most areas of the country and their leaves are nice size to provide sufficient shade.

Hopefully you have learned some useful tips on how to keep your home cool in the summer heat.  Many of these ideas are tried and proven and have helped keep our energy expenses as low as you can get.  If you do chose to run the air conditioning all season long remember to keep those doors and windows sealed tight to keep that cool air in.  Good luck and enjoy a cool, comfortable summer!

Lisa Harris Gore has written this article from the cool, cool comfort of her home in Western Wisconsin.  She is an Award Winning Educator, Wellness Consultant and is a regular contributor for the health and nutrition website – your best option for purchasing Cosamin ASU – a supplement that promotes new cartilage growth for the relief of joint and muscle pain.

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