Ceiling Fan Selection

Ceiling fans are a very energy-efficient choice to cool your home.

They work by increasing air movement, helping your body lose heat.

Installing fans can also drastically reduce your air conditioning costs, since they consume approximately half as much electricity as air conditioners.

Turning your fan on and your air conditioner down a few degrees will result in an overall cost savings.

And with all the designs and options available today, a quality ceiling fan can add to your room decor, matching nicely with the materials, design elements and colors.

Whether its a formal living room, the kitchen or bedroom, a ceiling fan will help cool your home and can add a creative touch to and room!Where to Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans aren’t just for living rooms anymore. Designs featuring sports, carousels, and disco balls make appealing choices for kids ceiling fans in bedrooms or playrooms.

Outdoor ceiling fans can help create comfortable porches, even in high heat. Outdoor models are built to withstand wet conditions, although they should only be installed in covered areas.

Of course, plenty of models are designed with living or family rooms in mind and the wide variety of styles integrate seamlessly with any décor. Whether you are looking for tropical or nautical style, kids ceiling fans or outdoor ceiling fans, there is a fan for you.

Selecting a Ceiling Fan

With all of the options out there, the process of selecting a fan can be daunting. But it’s easy if you break it down into three simple steps:

  1. Select the size.
  2. Select the features.
  3. Select the design.

Select the size – Ceiling fans come in sizes from 29 to 54 inches, with 52-inches being the most common.

To determine the appropriate size for your room, you’ll need to know the square footage of your room:

Room Size Fan Size
Below 76 square feet 29-36 inches
76-144 square feet 36-42 inches
144-225 square feet 44 inches
225-400 square feet 50-54 inches
Source: American Lighting Association, 2003

Your ceiling fan should enhance the design elements of your room. Color, style and materials can all be easily matched to any room decor.

Select the features – Fans come with a variety of features that might appeal to you. If the lighting in your room isn’t sufficient, you might want to select a lighted model. Some versions come with built-in heaters for year-round use. If the fan will be installed in a wet or humid location, you’ll need to select a model specifically rated for those conditions. Fans come with UL “damp” or “wet” ratings to aid you in your selection.

Select the design – Fan designs are available to suit any room. By limiting yourself to models that fit your size and feature needs, you can easily target your search for the right fan.

The following list of manufacturers can help you get started in your search:

Casablanca – one of the top ceiling fans, made to last and designs galore, but get your checkbook or credit card ready if you buy a Casablanca.

Craftmade – these guys make some really unique fans like the Flying Tiger airplane model pictured here.

How about the front of a WWII Flying Tiger fighter plane hanging down from your ceiling?Deco Breeze – makes some very cool decorative floor standing fans.

Emerson – great selection and 10 year old reputation makes Emerson a value brand when it comes to ceiling fans.

Fanimation – offers innovative designs and the Air Shadow line with retractable blades.

Hunter – a household name, Hunter makes great ceiling fans in a wide range of price points, styles and options.

Matthews – unique, ultra sleek, modern fan designs look more like works of art than ceiling fans.

Minka Aire – another brand with so many great styles, Minka gives their fans a real designer look.

Modern Fan Company – as the name implies, you’ll find a great variety of contemporary and modern styles in this lineup.

Monte Carlo – from finishes to styles Monte Carlo offers 10 decorative styles and over 80 collections.

Once you’ve found the right fan, select a mounting system. You have four options:

  1. Standard mount – These have a 3-5 inch downrod (the pipe that connects the fan to the ceiling), and are a good choice if your ceiling is flat and neither abnormally high or low.
  2. Extended mount – If you have a high ceiling (over 9 feet), the extended mount comes with a longer downrod. Choose the length that will hang the fan approximately 8-9 feet high.
  3. Flush mount – If your ceiling is low (under 8 feet), a flush mount will install the fan right on the ceiling. Note that some fans, called “huggers,” are designed for low ceilings and may or may not require you to purchase a flush mount.
  4. Sloped mount – If your ceiling is vaulted or angled, you’ll need to purchase a sloped mount.

Energy Star Ceiling Fans

Fans with the Energy Star rating are approximately 50% more efficient than other models, translating to more money in your pocket.

Energy Star fans with built-in lights also require less frequent bulb changes.

If your fan doesn’t include lighting and you plan to install some, you might consider buying an Energy Star-rated kit.

Installing a fan with light fixture included will save time and cost to install since you may not need a separate ceiling light fixture in some rooms.

With some models, you can even reverse the blades in Winter to push warm air downward and make rooms with high ceilings a little warmer.

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