Garage Door Opener Repair Tips

Your front door locks are not the only ones constantly submitted to manipulation that eventually leads to their overuse and breaking. And it’s never a good time when it happens, as you are always forced to drop everything and worry about fixing it yourself or finding someone who will.

Is Your Garage Hosting Your Office?

Since I have recently set up my office inside my garage, I no longer feel I am mixing my personal life with my work. I now have a distinct place I can call my “office”, and as close as it might be to my home, there is a huge difference and those of you who are also using their garage for work reasons probably agree with me. For me to have my business oasis be affected by even the smallest of interferences is a small strategy in itself. So naturally when my garage door lock simply refused to work last Friday, I dropped the client file I was working on and started looking for solutions. Here are a few of the ones that I came across:

What To Do If Your Remote Works, But Not The Wall Switch

You can simply have the wall switch or and wires replaced; in order to learn which of them needs fixing, unscrew the switch from the wall and lightly touch the two wires together. If you see the opener running again, it means your switch is broken. Replace it with a doorbell button in case the garage door opener is rather old. Newer models with lights and locking options on the switch will force you to buy a new switch suited for your opener’s model. You should not have to pay more than a few bucks for it, but in case you want to get a high quality one or you are afraid you will not manage to personally replace the old one with the new model, contact a local locksmith.

Any authorized locksmith that also specializes in residential and automotive lock services should have no problem fixing your broken switch or wires and having them replaced with brand new ones in no time. If you have never used a professional locksmith before, but you are interested in at least having some contact details for the next garage or home door lock problems you will be facing in the near future, take a look at this site here This company is a licensed, authorized, bonded, and insured one offering residential, commercial, and automotive services at a nationwide level; their rates are smaller than the ones asked by many of the locksmith scammers out there who display one flat rate on their site only to charge you triple of that when they reach your place. They specialize in locks of all makes and models and they can handle all sorts of garage door opener or lock problems fast and easy.

What To Do If The Door Goes Up, But Only Goes Down When Holding Down The Wall Switch

On short, you will need to align or replace the safety sensor; see if they work by checking for a small light on each sensor that should be lit up. The lack of any light means the sensors are not working properly, and you might need to have them replaced. If you have zero experience doing it with the help of your existing wire, you can get in touch with a professional locksmith and let him handle everything.

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