Garage Flooring

Garage floors suffer more than any other floor in our home!

So why is it so often poured concrete that stains easily and looks dirty nearly all the time?

There are many options for garage flooring you may have overlooked!

Epoxy coating is one idea to your garage flooring, it is cheap and gives excellent protection to the floor, if you choose epoxy coating, it’s very important to look for and appropriate epoxy coating for floors.

Garage Epoxy Floor Coating 

On the other hand, if you are looking for something easier, you can paint your garage floor, is simple and a fairly short project, one of the advantages is that you have a large selection of colors, and it is much cheaper.

In addition to painting or epoxy coating the garage floor, there is a lot of materials to choose from. Floor mats, are one of them, and they are a common and popular choice. They are easy to install and to handle, and they a great protection to the floor, they are available in different types and colors.

Another idea is vinyl flooring; it is a good protective option and choice for your home garage, durable and a very popular alternative by house owners.

If you’re a home mechanic or use to work in your garage, a rubber garage flooring is a good alternative. There are some manufactures that offer modular surfaces made from polypropylene copolymer. This puts a nice protection between your car and your garage floor, and the damage that some chemicals like grease, brake fluid, oil, can do to your garage floor.

Remember, any addition to your home, especially flooring, can make difference in how you feel, and in the value of your home.

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