Four Timber Decking Tips To Save Time And Headaches

Timber decking can be a great addition to the family home.

It can be used to create an inviting area for having a barbecue with neighborhood friends, or just sitting on a lawn chair soaking up the sun.

Although it can be expensive to get timber decking installed, you can do it on your own, perhaps with a little bit of help.

Beware though – it is a pretty big job. Here are 4 tips to make it a little easier:

Do It In Steps

Timber decking should be constructed in methodical steps.  A well accomplished builder will start with the supporting foundations, then add the frame, then the deck boards, and finally the handrail system. It’s a good idea to follow in the path of the masters and build from the ground up too.

If you’re thinking of building an elevated deck, and you don’t have any building experience, then you should definitely think seriously about hiring a professional builder to work with you for safety reasons.

You may need their expertise to make sure it’s sturdy and stable. It may also be possible to contract a builder to install the supports, and then take care of the remainder yourself.

Choose Timber Carefully

The important thing when choosing timber is to make sure that it has been cured appropriately for the climate in which you live. Although wood for timber decking should be dried, it must contain enough moisture so that you won’t have shrinkage and warping problems after installation.

Pressure-treated wood also has its benefits; wood that’s pressure treated is usually more expensive, but it won’t rot nearly as quickly. You can also prevent rotting by choosing a high quality wood like cedar, but again this will cost you a bit more.

Treat Your Decking

Wooden decking is often exposed to a variety of weather elements, so in order for it to last longer, you need to make sure that you apply suitable stains, varnishes, oils, preservatives, or other appropriate products.

Untreated wood is prone to damage from rot, cracking, warping, and mildew. Be sure to read the finishing treatment’s directions carefully; some types of wood can be treated immediately after an initial preparation wash, while others need to dry completely first.

Looking after your deck will ensure that you’ll be able to benefit from it for years to come. Without proper care, the wood of your deck will become rough and dirty.

Finishing Touches

For the final flourishes, you may want to consider investing in some quality lighting. After all, it is likely that you will be entertaining at night time. First and foremost, you want to install enough light so that the area is well lit.

But this is far from where the story ends with this one. Well planned lighting can have an incredibly striking impact, and poorly designed lighting can be quite harsh and uninviting.

Imagine a timer decking area where there is a big floodlight shining down on the area – plenty of light, but really annoying for the people who happen to be looking towards the floodlight.

Now imagine the same decking with some strategically placed lighting that accentuates the features of the garden, perhaps highlighting the bushes, up-lights illuminating the walls of the house, and a row of lights shining down from underneath the hand railings. The latter sounds much better right?

The only difficulty here is that it will of course take more effort to install many lights, but the lighting effect is worth it. Lighting can be used to make an otherwise somewhat dilapidated backyard look quite remarkable, so let your imagination do some wondering.

solar lightsA good deck takes anywhere from a week to a couple of weeks to build.

If you have a good plan to start with, you can expect it to go much more smoothly than if you just start putting it together haphazardly.

Furthermore, if you have a few friends who will help you, then you can expect to get it done much faster. It’s worth planning your timber decking installation project for during the summertime or another season when there isn’t heavy rain or snow to slow you down.

Make a good solid plan, keep chipping away at the project, ask for advice when you need help, and before you know it you’ll be admiring your handywork.

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