Five Tips on Choosing a Custom Home Builder

You don’t get much closer to your dream home than when you have a custom home designed to your exact specifications. Whether it’s that extra-large master bedroom or a much-needed backyard patio for entertaining and relaxing, a custom home has all the potential to truly be a refuge. Yet before you can enjoy the benefits of a luxurious, well-designed home,  you much first select a custom home builder who will make your dreams a reality.

To help jumpstart your search efforts, here are a few tips that will help you choose the best custom home builder:

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  1. Ask around! Whenever you begin your search, don’t be afraid to ask builders for a list of references. The people they refer you to have worked with these builders and their crews and can provide you with a list of pros and cons to hiring them in addition to show you samples of their finished work. When meeting with these references, don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions. Were projects completed within a realistic budget? Did any conflicts arise? If so, how were they handled? These are all important questions to ask.
  2. Get an estimate. Estimates allow you to get a break down of a builder’s proposal based on your requests and his/her capabilities. To avoid misunderstandings, it is best to have a builder submit an estimate closely following your consultation with him/her. When it comes to estimates, the more detailed the better. And, keep in mind that the lowest estimate is not always the best one. Comparing estimates with each other allows you to see which builder is going to offer you the most for your money.
  3.  Prepare questions. Prior to meeting with a builder, write down any questions that you want to be sure and ask. These questions can be as basic or as detailed as possible depending on what areas are important to you. Is he/she an insured and bonded custom home builder? What is the name of the insurance company that he/she uses? What is a realistic timeline for completion? How long has he/she worked with the construction team? What is the overall skill and experience level of the builder?
  4. Check ratings. Some cities will have a Top 10 list for various industries. These lists may be available online or in local business journals or newspapers. Inquire to see if your city has a Top 10 List for custom home builders; if they do, see if your potential builder is in that list. Also check the Better Business Bureau and industry-specific groups like Angie’s List to determine how well a builder has performed for past clients.
  5. Get everything in writing! Prior to any work being done, have your agreement written up and signed by all involved parties. A work contract should include pertinent information such as a budget and proposed time frame as well as warranty information. Writing an agreement helps you to see possible problems areas and clarify them before they cause any roadblocks in the future.

Choosing a custom home builder is a process that requires time. Paying attention to the details behind a particular builder – including his/her previous work, qualifications and ratings will help guide you down the path to choosing the right person to construct your dream home.

Whitmire Custom Homes is a Georgia custom home builder located in Gainesville, Georgia. Since 1978, they have been committed to helping homeowners realize their dream of a custom-designed home while being the most hassle free builder in Georgia.



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