Five Things Every Renter Should Know

Too many people today are so hard pressed to find a home, they overlook basic rights and entitlements just to get ahead. When you’re renting, you are charged with a very serious task; finding a place that is right for you, within your price range, that offers you the safety and the equipment that you need to live a reasonably happy life. You already know that you’re entitled to live in a clean home with working appliances, and you wouldn’t settle for any less. What about the things that you don’t know about renting a home? If you don’t know these things, you might be missing out on some benefits that you should be aware of.

1. Confidently Negotiate

You are a worthwhile tenant. How can you get that across to your potential landlord in a professional manner, while still negotiating your price? The truth is that it’s because you’re an ideal tenant that you can negotiate! Treat your viewing like it’s a job interview. Prepare a resume-style application that highlights your strong points. Have reliable references, written up and ready. If you’re renting with children or pets, write up detailed information about their personality traits, Showcase your families strengths. Highlight your stability, and then make your offer. Do research in the neighbourhood as well, so that you know what other apartments and houses are available at what prices.

2. Know Your Terms

Read your rental agreement carefully before you sign it, then familiarize yourself with the terms that apply. You have a right to demand the things that are included within that agreement, so it stands to reason that you should reference it often.Make sure you also know your state laws. Sometimes, those laws override even the terms in your lease.

3. Know Your Rights

If your landlord decides to kick you out or evict you from your home, do you know what protections you have before you have to leave? Do you know who to contact if you’re unsure? Have you got support in the event of a dispute? You need to be your own advocate, and knowledge is power. If you’re being pushed out of your home, you have rights to protect you.

4. Tax Breaks

Believe it or not, some states encourage renters by offering them money back in tax credits. You need to be aware of tax breaks that could benefit you and your family. Look into local incentives for renters when you’re doing your taxes. This is especially important if you’re working out of a home office or renting a space for your business.

5. Buy Insurance

Even though your home may not be your own in the traditional sense, you have worked hard to fill it with items and things that matter to you. Consider the impact a natural disaster or threat may have on your life if you suddenly had to replace everything you owned out of pocket. Most of us need rental insurance to protect our hard work.

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