Five Super Vacuum Cleaners to Spring Clean Your House in the New Year

Vacuuming doesn’t have to be a chore, if you have the best vacuum for you and your household. In fact, some vacuums make the job of cleaning up your family’s dirt almost fun. The overwhelming number of vacuums on the market makes the job of choosing one a challenge. We’ve taken the challenge out of the task for you by highlighting four super vacuum cleaners that are in the top of their league for a variety of reasons. Read on to see which of these vacuums might be best for you.

1. Best Inexpensive Vacuum

The Dirt Devil Featherlite Bagless vacuum costs $50 and weighs in at 13 pounds. A perfect option for those who live in a small home or apartment without a lot of traffic, this Dirt Devil is great on carpet, floors and easy to carry up and down the stairs. The price can’t be beat and you save even more money by not having to purchase vacuum bags.

2. Best Canister Style Vacuum

At $300 the Kenmore Progressive provides you with a mid-range vacuum that works effectively on carpet and floors. Some people prefer a canister vacuum because they offer more cleaning options and are easier to maneuver. This is certainly the case if you have a lot of stairs to vacuum in your home. The Kenmore Progressive also makes it easy to clean upholstery and curtains.

3. Best Upright Style Vacuum

If you prefer an upright vacuum the Kenmore Intuition is a super vacuum at $260. When tested, the Kenmore Intuition performed well on carpet as well as bare floors. The suction on the hose extensions also makes it easy to clean upholstery and drapes. Built with the Kenmore reputation for durability, this upright is a great all-around option for vacuuming the entire house.

4. Best Vacuum for Pets and High-Traffic Areas

The commercial states there’s nothing like a Dyson and, in this case, it’s definitely true. The Dyson Animal comes with a heftier price tag at $600 but proves itself worthy by cleaning up messes that no other vacuums can clean. If you have a dog or cat, or both, with long hair, and spend loads of time trying to get all the pet hair out of your carpet and off your upholstery, then you know a vacuum that can achieve these tasks is worth its weight in gold. New technology on the Dyson Animal has provided a feature to make the vacuum adjust to varying carpet heights automatically.

4. Best Vacuum for Washing Carpets

Introducing the Vax 6131 Multifunction Canister Dry Vacuum and Carpet Washer if your carpets need washing this is a good low-mid range cleaner. It has quite a large capacity 8 litres dirty water plus 4 litre clean, coming equipped with a brush, crevice and upholstery tools. If your carpets are filthy after the big new years party and need a good clean but don’t want to pay for a professional to do the job, choose not only this model but any of the range of vax vacuum cleaners.

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