Five Reasons to Install a Keyless Door Lock

Every now and again new technologies come along attempting to replace tried and tested methodologies. These new technologies more often than not find their way into everyday society one way or another. Whether we wholeheartedly agree on their usefulness or not; innovations such as credit card operated parking ticket machines and Smartphone applications have changed the way we do things.

Doors have been around since early civilization and subsequently locking mechanisms started evolving too, the earliest key based lock being the ‘pin lock’ dating back to around 250 B.C. Most doors these days use a cylinder lock incorporating ‘pin tumbler’ technology, until the introduction of keyless door locks.

The installation and advocating of keyless door locks has been on the rise over the last couple of years. Prices have come down from their initial heights and more of the general public have been able to appreciate the benefits associated with not carrying door keys.

There are still a number of questions and still some skepticism over the functionality of keyless locks. This article aims to highlight the top 5 reasons to install a keyless door lock in your home:

1. No keys

A fairly obvious start. Installing a keyless lock will mean you are no longer reliant on keys to gain entrance to your property. This will mean that you don’t ever end up forgetting them, or leaving them in the lock. You won’t need to get new ones cut every so often or change the locks when someone loses them.

2. Multiple access codes

Most keyless locks have a keypad element, meaning that you will be able to open the door with or without a remote keyfob. The refreshing thing about most keypads is that they allow multiple access codes; meaning that you can allocate codes to friends, cleaners or anybody else you want. This negates the need to cut and distribute multiple sets of keys which invariably get mixed up or forgotten. Access permissions can be revoked just as easily as they are granted allowing you to create time sensitive codes.

3. Unlock from anywhere (within range)

The majority of keyless door locks come with a number of remote keyfobs, which can be attached to a key ring or just kept on your person. These keyfobs allow you to lock or unlock your door remotely from as far away as the signal will allow. Meaning you can unlock the door whilst you are in the car removing the need to rummage around in your pockets or bag whilst carrying something. It also means you don’t have get out and double check the door is locked before setting off; as you can simply hit the ‘lock’ button from inside.

4. More secure

What use would all this added technology if it didn’t make the door safer? Well technology has advanced and subsequently some keyless locks out there have features such as automatic locking and emergency exiting systems. Fear not in the event of power being lost; as even without power the majority of locks have fail safe entry methods.

5. Alarmed

The Yale Keyfree alarm has an 80 decibel alarm unit built into the lock which can be activated in a number of ways. Firstly if the lock is tampered with or sustains damage the alarm will go off, alternatively the alarm can be triggered by entering a pre-determined code – a useful addition for personal security.

This article and ideas are brought to you by Yale composite doors. All Yale composite doors are designed and manufactured with ‘secured by design’ status in mind. Yale’s front doors combine bold design with state of the art manufacturing techniques.

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