Fitted Bathroom Furniture For Your Ideal Bathroom

Bathroom furniture comes in such a range of shapes and sizes, there’s bound to be an ideal set of units out there for you. Whatever the size and shape of your bathroom, there’s almost certainly some fitted furniture that will fill the gaps and make you love your bathroom again.

Your choice of fitted units can include back to wall and wall hung WC units and basin units, or combination WC and basin units for tight spaces; then there are storage units, drawer units, open shelving, and top opening linen units, in a variety of styles and combinations. You’ve got a choice of finishes, from high gloss white to a natural wood finish, and a range of colours to suit any taste. Choose a complementary or contrasting work surface: match gloss white units with a gloss white surface, or contrast with jet black or wood effect surfaces. And once you’ve chosen your ideal toilet, taps and handles, your bathroom will be uniquely yours.

You could save further space by omitting a WC unit and fitting your back to wall or wall hung toilet directly against the wall: a false wall is likely to be required, however, making this something of a false economy. Additionally, concealing your toilet cistern in a wall will have its own complications should a fault develop: re-papering or re-tiling a wall after you’ve opened it up for repairs to a leaky cistern is time consuming and costly, whereas a toilet cistern hidden in a WC unit will be easily accessible with no potential collateral damage to your bathroom decor.

Whether shop bought or custom-made for a perfect fit, your fitted bathroom furniture can be floor standing for a traditional style bathroom or wall mounted for a more contemporary feel; you’ll also have a choice of standard depth or slimline. Slimline units take up minimal floor space, so are a good choice for a narrow bathroom; if space is limited, try adding a mirrored cabinet to reflect the room and make it seem larger. Although you’ll lose some internal storage space with slimline furniture, you can make up for this by fitting an extra couple of bathroom cabinets – perhaps putting a cabinet above the toilet to reclaim wasted space, or storing spare towels on a simple but stylish ‘luggage rack’ over the bathroom door.

Are you ready to update your bathroom with some coordinated, space saving, fitted bathroom furniture?


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