Energy Efficiency When Heating and Cooling Your Home

With rising fuel prices and the desire to want to cut down on your environmental impact, purchasing a new furnace or air conditioner may seem counter intuitive, but it can actually help you save money on fuel while also allowing you to help the environment.

Variable Speed Fans

Efficiencies in new heating and cooling equipment is at an all-time high. The new modulating variable speed / variable 

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capacity 98% efficient furnaces will in many cases give you a reduction as much as one third on the gas consumption but the big surprise is the electrical efficiency on the new variable speed fan motors they use less power than a 75 W light bulb.  A typical home will cost about half a penny per hour for continuous low-speed fan operation that’s only $.12 a day, less than four dollars per month for continuous fan operation. The benefits of the continuous fans are far more even temperatures throughout the entire home.  Installing an air cleaner on the new furnace will mean continuous air cleaning of the air, removing many of the pollutants and undesirable particulates, pollens from the air that aggravate many people with allergies.

Producing Less Summer Heat

Another feature of the variable speed fan is with far less power consumption comes far less heat being produced by the motor. Now in the winter months that heat is not a big factor but when cooling, all that heat must be pumped out of the house. So by producing less heat we actually improve the efficiency levels of our new air conditioner and obtain 1 to 2 points higher SEER, which stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, think of it as miles per gallon, we are talking about how efficient the air conditioner is.

A Positive Impact

So when looking at new systems furnaces will be rated in BTUs, power and efficient, how much heat you keep. Air conditioners are rated in tonnage for capacity and  SEER for efficiency. Your new heating and air conditioning will easily pay for themselves over time and you will immediately have a positive impact on the environment.  The added cost of the better systems over entry-level standard efficiencies is usually recovered in a year or two so much value is returned to you.

About the Author-

Scott Follese is a co-owner at Golden Valley Heating & Air, a Minneapolis air conditioner and heating contractor.  For over 70 year Golden Valley Heating & Air has been ensuring comfort for families in the Twin Cities with full HVAC services.

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