How Important Are Home Alarm Systems?

Home alarm systems give you peace of mind and may also save you money on home insurance.

The home is always looked upon as a place of refuge where one should feel safe and sound. But did you know that according to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, nearly 75% of all crimes committed in US are crimes on property?

In 2003 alone, there were roughly 14 million thefts, and in 83% of these thefts, the burglars entered the house or building to steal personal property. Burglary can happen to anyone, whether you live in an urban, suburban, or rural area. You could live within a mile of a police station, and you could still be burgled – there have been similar cases before.

Experiencing a burglary is very upsetting. Not only are you facing the cost of the lost items, you will not be able to feel secure in your house for a time. It’s as if you lose your peace of mind because you’ll always think that your house was robbed once, and it could happen again.

What Are the Chances?

So the question is this;  will you wait for a burglary to happen in your own home before you do something about it?

The problem is that people usually trust too much in their door locks, but these can be picked by skilled people easily. In addition to this, thieves are also increasingly more resourceful and creative in finding ways to enter a house unnoticed. They sometimes do so under the guise of being repair or maintenance crews, or furniture delivery companies, and enter your house in broad daylight when everybody is at work or school.

People sometimes trust too much in neighbor watches as well. However, come to think of it, what neighbor will spend every minute watching your house? The best solution to prevent burglary is installing a home alarm system. The security company you hire can readily install sensors in various areas of your house.

Home Alarm System Remote Monitoring

Whole home alarm systesm include many options such as keypads, window and door sensors, motion sensors, security cameras and panic buttons.

Once a sensor is triggered, the security company will immediately call to verify whether there is indeed an emergency or an accident triggered the alarm (which happens fairly often). If they can’t get you on the phone, they will immediately alert the proper authorities to request for assistance. 

You may also have surveillance cameras installed as part of your home alarm system. These are very useful to check unsupervised people you hire around the house such as house cleaners and babysitters. If an attempted break-in happens, these are also useful in identifying the potential thieves.

As an added feature for your home alarm system, you may also request the security company to hook up your smoke alarm to the house alarm system. If the smoke alarm goes off, the company will automatically contact the fire department. This is useful especially during the night, or when you leave your pets or children at home alone for a period of time.

Your home alarm system comes with strategically-placed panic buttons. You will appreciate the importance of panic buttons if you are trapped at home during a break-in or when there is a medical emergency.

Home Alarms Can Reduce Insurance Premiums

Besides all these benefits, once you have a home alarm system in place, you can usually get a discount in your house insurance policy (depending on your insurance company of course). This is because they recognize that the risk of having burglary in your house is significantly minimized when you have a home alarm system.

Any home alarm system comes with a very visible lawn sign to announce that your home is being protected by an alarm system. This is a great deterrent as thieves will always choose to break in a house without a home alarm system as opposed to a house that has one.

Now that you have seen the benefits, let’s look at the costs involved in a home alarm system. Getting a home alarm system can usually be afforded by the typical American family. However, you have to remember that aside from purchasing the home alarm system, you also need to pay a fixed monthly fee to your security company to provide you with 24-hour home monitoring.

Do some Internet research and ask around to find the best security company so that you can get the best value for your money. Remember though that the benefits of getting a home alarm system surely outweigh the costs.

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