Eco and Natural Designs

Inspired by the IMM Cologne international household design show that took place in January this year, Amode’s featuring trends focus on ‘organic’, ‘transforming perspectives’ and ‘re-balancing’.

The aim is marrying design with nature; people are searching for meaningful pieces that evoke a natural, calming environment in their homes. Materials are organic, with sheepskin wool and thick knits coming through to add a sense of luxury.

Warm browns, ruby reds and terracotta are key colours for the season, evoking pastoral sanctuaries and retreats. Design is free flowing and unrestricted creating a sense of natural design.

“Emotional Austerity” is another trend focus, defined by clean, ostentatious design. The focus is quality and passion, with a warmth that contrasts to straight lines and monochromes.

It is a mix between old and new, keeping pieces simple and beautiful. Again the focus of materials and colours is dominated by nature, woods and leather to work alongside earthy colours such as olives and browns.

White too features a lot in upcoming design trends, again keeping design understated with the focus on artistry, elegance and symmetry.

In contrast to this, ‘Surprising Empathy’ is a move away from organic colours and materials, although the theme throughout remains the same. This trend focuses on the future of design and remaining its sensuality.

Perception and functionality are morphed, with apparently light objects turning out to be heavy and resilient and their heavy counterparts contrast with light and flowing aesthetics.

The colour focus is on glossy greys and backs, designed to be reflective ad clean. Cirtus colours such as lime greens and yellows add softness to the trend, with coloured stools and storage spaces.

All images supplied by Amode

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