Dream Garage – How to Build it When the Sky’s the Limit

If you spend a lot of time in your garage, or you want to spend a lot of time there, then why not make it a place that’s not just welcoming but amazing? We have no problem spending tons of money on our family rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms but the garage is usually the last place we sink a big chunk of cash into.

Until now.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or you just want to make an awesome workroom out of your space, you might be surprised at all of the options that you have for redecorating and redesigning your space, especially when your budget is on the high end.

The Garage Floor

Say good bye to plain, gray, concrete floors. Actually, you can say goodbye to flat floors, too. Some people are actually raising their garage floors so that they slant, according to Betsy Schiffman from Forbes.com. Why are they doing this? So that the cars can be easily pushed out and started outside. After all, you don’t want to damage the new, expensive designer floors.

That’s right. Floors are no longer plain. You can find patterns, textures, different colors, and different materials. That’s before you even get into the protective devices that you can put over them. For something a little different, tiles are becoming popular.


Large, overhead fluorescent lighting is generally preferable because it’s easy to install and can quickly light up a huge space. Steve D’Gerolamo, a garage consultant and founder of Ultimate Garage in Emerson, N.J. suggests using lights “where you can get the most light while using the least amount of energy.”


You no longer have to rely on your radio for entertainment in your garage. Now, you can have all sorts of entertainment options in there. On the small scale, you can have an iPod dock or a CD player. On the high end, you could have a flat screen, a wet bar, and even a pool table.


On a budget, a portable heater that you can plug into the wall will work well when you’re changing your oil. If you’ve got the money to spend, though, why not install an entire heating system in there?

Radiant heating is popular but a quick internet search will show you that it’s not just the air that’s being heated-there’s even radiant heaters in the floors, too! Your feet will never be the same.

Garage Doors

According to TLC’s website, carriage style doors are all the rage at the moment. Unlike the traditional garage doors that open by rolling up, these open outwards, like French doors. They add curb appeal and something visually interesting to the garage. They can also be controlled by remote.


You don’t have to stick with the conventional peg boards of the past for storage. Cabinets can be beautiful and provide lots of storage space and aesthetics to a room. There are loads of wood styles available, as well as brushed metal and stainless steel. If you don’t like anything you find at the store then treat your garage like your kitchen and have your cabinets custom made.

All Wired Up

A router in your home and a wireless connection will keep you connected in your garage. Or, you could create an entire office space in there. You never know when you’ll need access to your computer! So what are you looking at online? You can look up anything from online car insurance rates to instructions on how to change your own oil.

If you have the means and the time, then why not make your garage a place that you would like to hang out in? You might even consider making it double as a rec room or a man cave. How about a pool table, a juke box, and a refrigerator? Or, if you like working with your hands, then why not put in a work table and store our tools?

With the money and time, your garage no longer has to only be a place to park your car in.

About the Author: Melissa Cameron is a freelance writer that has spent a huge amount of time figuring out the different ways to make unglamorous rooms functional and amazing. During her years as a writer she’s provided many valuable tips and strategies on a range of topics, from finding the best auto insurance quotes to designing tree-houses that are sure to make the neighbors jealous.

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