DIY Termite Control

Termite infestations are a major concern for homeowners across the world. Fortunately, however, there are multiple termite control products available to protect your home.

You will need some special skills to rid your home of termites, the first being a good knowledge of buildings and how they are constructed. This is needed to identify important or critical spots in your home that the termites will most likely use as an entrance. Many of these points of entry will likely be hidden and more difficult to access than other areas.

Equipment and Treatment Options

When doing your own termite control you will need special equipment like masonry drills, pumps for liquid pesticides,

termite deterrent

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large-capacity tanks for storing and transporting the chemicals, and some soil treatment rods could be used too.

One typical treatment might involve using hundreds of gallons of a termicide or liquid pesticide for killing termites.  This can be injected into the ground along your foundation, underneath concrete slabs or inside the foundation walls.  In most cases termite treatment is a specialized job for professionals only, but there are exceptions depending on where you live and what skills you personally possess.

Two Main Methods

Depending on the state of your home and where you live there are different termite control methods available to you. One challenging question is whether you should use a liquid based pesticide or baited traps set up in the soil.

Generally it is best to use the ‘trench method,’ which is a laborious but fool-proof method that will treat any termites still inside your home, and it will also immunize your home against termites for the nest five to ten years. This method can be done by anyone, not just exterminators.

If you decide to use a liquid based pesticide for termite control then I suggest you find one that contains fipronil, which is an active ingredient that acts as a residual contagious chemical that will pass on from one area to the insect and from that insect to others.  It does not repel or deter termites but it will still kill them. When a termite comes into contact with it the termite will spread it around and to their colony, killing off other termites and passing it on to other termites.

Under Construction

If your home is still under construction then you have one of the best treatment methods available to you, borate salt.

termite control under construction

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This is a solution that is sprayed directly onto the timbers of the wooden structures of your home, and it basically infuses your home with a safe eco-friendly pesticide that is impossible for any termites to avoid. When they eat the wood treated with the salt they will automatically eat too much for their bodies to handle and they will dry out and die.

One thing often done is if you detect termites ‘around’ your home, perhaps in the wood of your shed, then it would be far easier and cheaper to treat this area on your own without an expensive exterminator.  If you do not feel that you are up to the challenge or if you lack the skills (namely regular experience with using pesticides), then it might be best to get a few estimates from several trusted exterminators in your area.

You can do your own termite control and can show you how to do it the right way. We specialize in do it yourself pest control and can show you how to save money.

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