DIY Home Security: Cheap Ways To Make Your Home More Secure

Feeling safe and secure while in or away from home is a priceless feeling, but does it have to cost a fortune?
There are many ways that you can improve your security at home without spending a lot of money and without making your home feel like a prison. The theory behind these ideas is based on trying to make it slightly harder and more awkward for someone to gain entry. Burglars will not want to spend much time trying to gain entry, they are always looking for a quick and hassle free way to get into a property.

So how can you go about making sure your property presents a challenge to a potential burglar?

Install Sturdy Doors and Windows

Having a high quality front door and good secure windows creates a good first impression. Right from the first glimpse of your property, any potential burglar will be able to see that your property is being looked after and that you have a certain degree of security in mind. Should anyone attempt to break in, having a strong and sturdy front door fitted with a dead lock will often be enough. The same goes for windows; most break-ins are via windows so make sure they are fitted with good locks. It goes without saying that you need to make sure the locks are put to use, you’d be surprised at the amount of burglaries that result from unlocked doors and windows.

Deter Access To Your Garden

If a thief can’t get in via the front door, or if your property is in a visible location, burglars will often try to gain entry via a back entrance. Garden’s can be made secure for a relatively low cost. If you’re lucky enough to have access to your garden via a gate, make sure it has a strong lock and can’t be easily climbed over. Having some thick shrubbery bordering your garden will also help prevent access as this will make it much harder to simply leap into your garden. Remember, you’re trying to make access to your garden take a lot longer, thus leading any potential thief to give up.

Heighten Visibility

Burglars do not like being disturbed and they also don’t like taking any risks when it comes to being spotted. Some

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simple measures you can take include using gravel on your driveway or path, and also installing security lighting. If your driveway and path use gravel it will create a noise as someone steps towards your house. This might be enough to put a burglar off. On a similar note, there is nothing worse for a potential burglar than being bathed in light as they try to suss out your property. Security lighting can be purchased from any home store and also installed very easily by your local electrician.

Make Preparations For Your Holidays

If you are planning to go away and leave your home empty, it’s well worth making some simple preparations so that your property doesn’t appear to be empty. Having timers on your lights is a great way of making it look like someone is still living in your home. This effect can easily be enhanced by asking one of your neighbors to open and close your curtains at regular intervals.  Try to think about tackling the obvious tell tale signs such as piles of mail of the door mat, and unread papers stuck in the letter box.

This guest post was written by Us For Homes, a specialist in private house sales and homes for sale by owner.

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