Decking For Outdoor Hot Tubs

The installation of a hot tub in the home or garden was once the pleasure of the rich and famous, or at least the reasonably wealthy.  However, the cost of such projects has fallen dramatically in recent years and hot tubs are now much more affordable; putting them within reach of the average working man.  Choosing the right options when undertaking an installation project is important if you are to be happy with the end result and there are numerous factors to consider.  One specific element that it is essential you get right is your choice of flooring around the hot tub.  Here we look at the benefits that decking provides for outdoor hot tub installation projects.

Easy to Shape

Due to the fact that almost all decking is made from timber it is easy to shape so that it perfectly fits the dimensions of the hot tub, providing a fantastic finish.  Other options that you could use, such as tiles and stone, are much more difficult to shape and thus can mean a longer and more costly project.  In addition it is much easier to install raised decking if you wish to have a hot tub that sits flush with the flooring than it is to install raised tiles or stonework.

Ensuring Safety

The excess surface water that comes hand-in-hand with hot tubs and in some instances the excess alcohol, means that accidents can occur.  Tiling can become especially slippery when wet and the hardness of them means that any injury can be potentially serious.  Decking is a much safer option and offers better grip to the user, which reduces the likelihood of accidents.  It is also more forgiving on the body than tiles or stone if an accident does occur.  There are also specially designed decking options available which are injected with anti-slip compounds, usually made up of bauxite dust and silicone, which further reduces risks.

Maintenance Considerations

The quality of the decking now available on the market has greatly increased in recent years as has the products that can

Photo by Glenda Cherry

be used to maintain them.  If you keep on top of your decking and waterproof it annually to prevent rot then you can reasonably expect to get 25 years service from it.  The chances of tiles or stone slabs surviving for that length of time without cracking are minimal.

In Keeping With Nature

The idea of having an outdoor hot tub is so that you can unwind in the comfort of your garden whilst enjoying the nature around you.  By opting for decking as your choice of flooring you serve to maintain the natural feel that is provided by your outdoor surroundings; which gives a more aesthetically pleasing finish to the installation.  You can be sure to find some decking in the exact shade to match the style of your property thanks to the variety of woods that it is available in.  If for some reason you can’t find the perfect colour; you can easily find a stain and get busy with the paint brush.

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