Deck Plans

Choosing a deck plan can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be! However, the nicer the deck plan you choose, the more you will enjoy it and the more it will add value to your home.

Living in the Southeast United States, enables me to use my deck for a good 90% of the year! When I was reviewing deck plans with my contractor, I was very specific in my instructions that I needed something that can be used most of the time! For that reason, we decided upon a portion that is screened in – to provide shade and respite from bugs during the long summer months, and then a lower deck to entertain on.

I used composite decking throughout and have it surrounding my pool, as well! My deck plans had to take into consideration the seasons, but also traffic – with 2 kids, a dog, and lots of friends who visit, the deck is used all the time!
If you are a person who will rarely use their deck, these considerations are not as important.

The idea that a deck may used by people with different needs at different times of the year, or just a single season, is an important consideration.

It may be worthwhile to incorporate these requirements into your deck plans. It is a good idea to envision these elements as you choose your deck plans, so that the completed project reflects the desires of everyone who will enjoy the deck in winter as well as in the summer months.

In the case where you are looking to provide access to a deck from multiple floors of a house or building, or perhaps if you are looking to install a deck on a site that is characterized by sloping terrain, it may be worth your while to consider a set of deck plans that takes these multi-level requirements into account.

A set of deck plans that incorporates a multi-level design offers a number of advantages, which may be in line with the kinds of functionality needed. A deck of this sort can feature both covered and uncovered areas, giving you pleasure in the shade as well as in the sunshine.

Allowing for access from top floors as well as ground floors adds an extra dimension of convenience to your choice of deck. Along with how attractive your deck will be, this increased functionality and accessibility contributes further value to the property.

Obviously, there are many considerations when choosing a deck plan, which will best suit the characteristics of your property and your lifestyle.

It is also vital that any deck plan you choose be compliant with local building codes. Always make sure that this information is established before you begin your project.

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