Create Perfect Ambience with a Beautiful Outdoor Fireplace

We all are familiar with indoor fireplaces as most of us have a fireplace in our living rooms and, in some cases, bedrooms as well. However, here are some ideas about how you can go about creating that outdoor fireplace in your back garden or yard.

Consider Zoning

The first thing you want to consider when creating an outdoor fireplace is local zoning codes. The big question you would ask yourself is “Where can I place that fireplace?” For example, how many feet from a property line, how many feet from a side property line, rear property setbacks as well as how far from your property does this new fireplace structure need to be placed?

Customize the Design

Now there are many different types of Outdoor Fireplaces, for example you can have a custom outdoor fireplace that’s has been built from the ground up or you can have a pre caste concrete fireplace or you can use a fire hearth which is a combination of a fireplace and a fire pit or you can use a kit construction method where you can add your own decorative pieces onto that to make it look a little better and more customised.

Now outdoor fireplaces are completely different from indoor fireplaces. The main difference is that with an indoor fireplace you have a completely controlled environment so that when smoke rises it goes right outside the chimney without causing any major problem and having to worry about any issues of forward blowing smoke.

However, with outdoor fireplaces its a lot more different and hence difficult as lots of things need to be considered during the construction to take into account additional safety measures. This is because we have wind movement, I mean even the slightest breeze can force smoke to go out of the chimney box.

A Focal Point

On the plus side, when designing an outdoor fireplace, it can accomplish a lot of things for you. I mean it can be one of the main focal points, it can be a wind break, and in some cases it can give you privacy from the neighbours as well. The structure can be slightly larger than your average outdoor fireplace if you want that added privacy from your neighbours. You can add additional features and craft work to the fireplace to make it look appealing and decorative.

There are various types of fireplaces that you can have fitted. I mean some fireplaces can be ventless, where you don’t even require a chimney or a flue and hence are ideal for any installation. They are also generally highly efficient and have Oxygen Depletion Sensors (ODS) so that it can let you know when the oxygen levels have gone too low and for safety alerts you and shuts down the system.

So those are a few things to consider if you’re thinking of an outdoor fireplace. On the other hand, if you are thinking of updating your indoor fireplace, then why not visit our website today where you will find a wide range of designs available, including our exclusive range of marble fireplaces.


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