Consider Carpet Tiles For Your Home

While carpet tiles are often considered to be at the lower end of the market when it comes to buying carpet, high grade tiles may work out just as expensive as a regular carpet in your home.

The Reputation of Carpet Tiles

The reason why people perceive them to be at the lower end of the carpet market, is that we commonly think of them as being the dark gray colored tiles often seen in offices. Since they don’t show dirt in high traffic areas, and they also do not show up the inevitable stain that occurs when someone drops a cup of coffee on the floor. Although gray is popular, carpet tiles can actually be bought in a wide variety of colors, and can be just as comfortable and durable as a regular carpet.

A Long and Useful History

They were originally designed for use in office buildings in the 1960’s. The reason is not because they were cheap to make – they were primarily designed for use in offices. Since they give a good coverage per tile with either 30cm or 50cm being the most common sizes to lay down, the main reason they are actually used in offices is for how easily and quickly they can be replaced.

Think of a modern open plan office, where you have rows of desks with a larger gap between them forming a virtual corridor. However as a result, the carpet in the virtual corridor wears out far faster, due to the much higher traffic compared to the tiles that are under people’s desks. The problem offices used to have before carpet tiles, is that the carpet used to be laid wall to wall. This presented a major problem that if the carpet that formed the so-called ‘virtual corridor’, that area would wear out far faster than that under the desks. If it then became a serious problem with the carpet totally worn out, the whole carpet would need to be replaced rather than just the worn out area.

As you can image in a large plan office covered in desks replacing the whole carpet wall to wall would be a challenge to say the least, as well as a great expense to the business.

Carpet Tiles Offer an Alternative

Hence carpet tiles came along to save the day. You can easily replace corridor carpet tiles that are worn out without having to move any desks. The same applies in the event of a major spillage of white paint as an example; to replace the damage you just replace the carpet tiles rather than the whole carpet. This is why with their great time and money saving characteristics, carpet tiles are so often seen in the workplace.

If your home is of a similar style to an office, with areas getting much more wear than others, or having much more risk of having a spillage, then carpet tiles could be for you. Say for example in the kitchen, carpet tiles could save you a great deal of money if you ever have a mishap with a glass of wine or other stain – instead of having to replace the whole of the floor, you simply need to replace the affected carpet tiles. In fact often, when buying a tiled floor, you’ll end up with a few tiles left over – so a simple swap is just seconds away!

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