Common Roof Repair Myths Debunked

Hurricanes, tornados, hail, and high wind are all naturally occurring events that can cause damage to the roofs of our homes. Since the roof is one of the most important structural elements of the home, it is often necessary to have the roof repaired or let the rest of the house crumble underneath and all around us. Sure, it would take awhile for that to happen, but when it is unnecessary in the first place, why let it happen at all. Calling in a roofing contractor to repair the roof when it begins to leak is a great idea. However, many people think that they can do the work for themselves.

Here is a list of common myths that surround roofing repair, ask your Houston roofing contractor for more.

  1. I can do it myself. It is not unusual that the do it yourselfer will make up their mind to do roofing repair for themselves. This is especially true for the person that has a lot of carpentry background, but not enough to understand the complexities of what is entailed with repairing the roof.
  2. Metal roofs are ugly. Ask any roofing contractor what kind of roof they would prefer if they did not have to deal with their own housing covenant, and they are likely to tell you that they prefer the durability of metal roofs. With that said, one must realize that not all metal roofs come in 4 by 8 foot sheets. That is true, metal roofing now comes in a variety of styles and colors and looks very much like any other type of shingle. That makes them even more desirable as a material of choice when it comes to roofing repair or replacement.
  3. No need to keep the roof in good repair. It is hard to believe that anyone would think that they should not have to keep the roof of the home they are living in in disrepair, but that is the way some people feel. The roof does more than just keep the weather at bay; it is pretty much what holds the rest of the home together. It gives stability when it is connected to the walls of any structure. Ask any roofing contractor and they will tell you that letting this important member of a house go unattended to is akin to letting an ailing child remain ill.
  4. Must stay within the rules of housing covenants. It is true that many housing developments and communities have covenants in place that restrict the types of roofing repair work that can be done on a home. In fact, some covenants maintain that only shake roofing material can be used on the houses within the areas they have determined to be part of their communities. However, some communities are protesting this type of covenant and insurance companies are entering into the debate. Roofing contractors will have advice on these issues.
  5. Roofing repair costs too much. While it is true that the costs of repairing roof may be steep for some, the cost increases if nothing is done to protect the number one greatest investment that an individual or family can make. The cost of neglect goes up exponentially if roofing repair is left undone. Ask any roofing contractor and they will tell you why.

MIke Rogers is president of MW Rogers Construction which is a Houston roofing and residential construction contractor.

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