Choosing the Right Door for Your Home

If you want to make the most of your home, inside and out, you need to choose the right doors. If the door doesn’t match your interior, or isn’t strong enough for its intended purpose, you might find yourself having to invest in new doors shortly down the line – an entirely unnecessary expense especially considering the current market.

Are you looking for interior or exterior doors?

Exterior doors need to be stronger than their internal counterparts. This means that cheaper woods such as pine are out

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of the question. Oak doors are highly suited to an external environment, however, oak internal doors work very well too (particularly if you’ve got dogs that are prone to jumping, or teenagers who are prone to slamming doors!).

Many interior doors are made of lightweight woods – meaning they are very cost effective. However, this does mean that they may not last as long as harder, solid woods. Choosing oak internal doors may seem expensive but they do offer the advantage of possessing a very long lifespan.

What do you want the door to look like?

Doors don’t need to be formed from a plain plank of wood – far from it. You could choose a panelled door, oak doors with glass inserts or even a moulded white door (very contemporary).

Find the right designer and manufacturer and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

What types of doors are there?

  • Slab doors refer to the most popular type of door, the ‘standard’ door if you will. These types of doors are popular

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    as pine, glass and oak doors – amongst many others. They are so popular because they start from a relatively low cost and are very simple to install.

  • French doors are very attractive but can be rather expensive. When installing them, you also need to account for clearance on each side.
  • Gliding doors are great if you want something that little bit different but can’t afford costly French doors. Gliding doors have two to four panels that slide past each other. On the downside however, only one side of the door can be opened at a time.
  • Another alternative to the more traditional door are concertina doors (or folding doors). Concertina doors are formed from a number of panels which ‘bunch up’ when opened. The doors are most commonly formed from plastic, making them very cost-effective. They are also highly suited to doorways that are wider than standard since they can easily be modified to fit any sized space. It’s worth noting that plastic concertina doors offer a limited scope in terms of the environment they will blend in with. However wooden concertina doors are available and look incredibly stylish while complementing a large array of styles. Though needless to say, they will cost a fair bit more than a plastic equivalent.

If you have an older property with non-standard door frames it is worth investing in bespoke oak internal doors, these can be made in any style to suite the property from Victorian paneled through to the rustic type found in a traditional English cottage. By carefully choosing your doors you can enhance any property often adding value beyond your investment.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of UK Oak Doors, the specialist suppliers of oak doors. James writes on subjects relating to home improvement and DIY.

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