Choosing an Infrared Heater

Heating is one important aspect in our homes that should be properly set up especially during winter. Many of us have employed different kinds of heaters but only a few have been introduced to a new heating mechanism, which is the infrared heating technology.

What exactly is an infrared heater and what makes it better than the conventional heaters we have used? Basically, an infrared heater uses the power of infrared radiation to provide heat. Infrared radiation, most commonly called IR, is part of the electromagnetic spectrum or what is usually known as light. It is an invisible light that generates heat; the same heat that comes out from a microwave oven and even from the sun. This amazing capacity of infrared heat is employed in infrared heaters; a new approach to heating that proves to be faster and more effective.

More Effective Heat at Home

An infrared heater is different from typical warmers and furnaces in its manner of heating. Traditional heaters take some time to supply heat because they need to warm the surrounding air first before users can actually feel the warmth. This method of heating can also lead to unbalanced heat due to the loose particles of the air that can be easily blown away by the wind.

An infrared heater, on the other hand, is much effective because it targets to warm persons or objects directly. It provides heat the moment it is switched on and guarantees steady heating all throughout its operation. Because of this efficiency, more and more homeowners want to acquire an infrared heater. But a wise buyer will never buy anything without doing some research first; that’s why reviews from real users are important references.

Finding the Best Infrared Heat

If you are looking for infrared heater reviews, you can actually find a lot of them in many websites. Scouting for trustworthy reviews is an important step if you want to find the most suitable infrared heater for your home and office. These consumer reports will help let you know about another user’s experience, which in turn will guide you as you make your own purchase.

If you are thorough and patient enough, you can really find free and dependable consultations online. But you have to be careful because some reviews are biased and don’t present a fair report. Trust reviews that discuss both the positive and negative side of the heater. The most reliable reviews are those that come from online stores like Amazon and Ebay. More often than not, real consumers share their first-hand experiences here.

Important Elements to Consider

So as you read the consumer reviews and reports, you also have to bear in mind your personal heater requirements. Remember, what’s best for other users may not be the best infrared heater for you. The following aspects should guide you in your selection:

Cost – This is perhaps the most basic consideration in buying anything. Most infrared heaters are branded to be real energy savers but some are quite expensive to acquire. If you want the best quality, you should be willing to invest more on it. But if your funds are limited, don’t fret because there are still quality and affordable infrared heaters to suit your budget. What’s important is that you purchase within what you are willing to shell out.

Location – Are you going to use the heater indoor or outdoor? Do you have ample or little space for the heater? The answers to these questions are necessary in choosing the best infrared heater to suit your needs. If you will use it indoors, the stationary type is most appropriate. For small indoor spaces, wall or ceiling-mounted infrared heaters are most fitting especially if you have children around. Indoor heaters are usually powered by electricity as this is the most convenient way. There are also other indoor types of infrared heaters like the garage and bathroom heaters.

For outdoor use, then it should be the portable type so that you can easily transport it from one location to another. Portable heaters are usually mounted on poles and fueled by gas. Not all outdoor places have access to electricity that’s why portable infrared heaters that run on propane, diesel, or natural gas are great outdoor options.

Kind – You may also want to consider the type of heating element inside the infrared heater. There is the quartz infrared heater, which uses quartz bulbs to radiate heat and another one is the ceramic infrared heater, which is an effective non-metallic heating medium. Quartz infrared heaters are most preferred by homeowners as these are very compact and portable. The ceramic type is usually utilized in outdoor locations, saunas, and manufacturing plants.

After some serious scouting and reviewing, you should be able to depend on your own judgment. The pre-purchase process can be rather meticulous but in the end, you can be sure that you get your money’s worth.

About the Author: Shyxter Tagapulot is a Filipino writer and internet marketer. She has written travel, do-it-yourself, home improvement, and beauty articles since 2009. She is now a site author at – a website that aims to provide quality information about infrared heating technology and its numerous advantages.

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