Change Your Architectural Hardware to Give Your Home a Facelift

If you’re looking for a no fuss way to give your home a facelift that doesn’t involve going anywhere near a paint pot then why not think about changing your architectural hardware?

Often when people move homes they are keen to redecorate but they don’t consider changing door and cupboard handles, knockers, or window casements. This means that rooms are often left with outdated, worn out or unfashionable architectural hardware that’s not in keeping with the rest of their home.

If you’re thinking about making your home’s decor a little bit bolder but are not sure where to start then changing your handles for something more ‘stand out’ can be a great jumping off point.

To make your home look more modern you could choose architectural hardware with a stainless steel finish. You can also pick handles and knobs in unusual shapes that will make them far more of a feature. For example there are some amazing Italian designer door handles in curved, fluid shapes which add an air of elegance to any room. Although the real thing is a little bit pricey you can find lots of good copies on the internet that will look just as impressive when fitted.

If you want a really opulent, luxurious look you could opt for Louis XIV style door handles which are beautifully ornate and will be admired by all your visitors. To really make a statement go for a gold or pewter finish that’s in keeping with the era.
For older properties there are hundreds of Victorian or Art Deco style handles which will help inject that all important character into your home.

You can find some wonderful antique architectural hardware that will certainly give a flavour of authenticity. However, if you have lots of new handles to fit then it’s often best to go for reproduction because that way you’ll be able to match all the hardware you buy. You’ll also have a lot more choice about the finish you want. Most good architectural hardware suppliers will offer each item in a range of finishes so you’ll be able to choose from finishes like dull black, oiled bronze or antique pewter for any of the items you choose.

If you want a really simple way to lift your kitchen without having to rip out units then changing the handles on your kitchen cupboards is a great way to do it. To create a more country feel you could choose knobs with a pretty Kath Kidston style flower design; or to make your kitchen more quirky you can buy handles in all sorts of unusual shapes from butterflies to cup cakes.

For the ultimate handle you could even go bespoke and design one yourself. There are lots of companies that will manufacture your handle for you; or to keep the cost down you could consider approaching a design student to design and make a handle for you. They’ll get something they can show off on their CV and you’ll get a completely unique and handmade item.

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