Chain Link Fence and Chain Link Fencing

Do you need to install a fence to keep your children or pets in your yard?

There are many fencing options available on the market today. You could either use a modern fancy-looking fence, or a beautiful Victorian-style fence. Chain link fences are one of the most affordable and popular types of fence today.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences serve as a protective installation to prevent people and animals from entering your house and garden, or in my case, to keep my children and animals in the yard! However, these fences can be expensive and require that you regularly maintain them.

Before you install a chain-link fence, find out if there are any local rules and regulations against fencing. Some Homeowners Associations do not allow them in the neighborhood. Chain link fences are available in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits, which are easy to assemble and fit. Try to fit the chain-link fences at a height of about four feet or higher.

Chain link fence recommendations:

  • An optional tubular top rail to help prevent bending of wire tops.
  • Setting line posts in concrete every 10 feet
  • Fasten fence to end posts using tension bands and tension bars.
  • Bottom wire to deter animal digging and pushing
  • Stretch fence and wire with a ratcheting tension tool (comealong).
  • Use a post pounder or driving cap to help prevent deforming of post tops.

The other option is to hire the services of a local fence company. Chain link fencing companies can help you install these fences at a nominal price. Some fencing companies also offer maintenance services on a monthly or a yearly basis, whereas others offer discounts and special rates for chain link fences.

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