Consider Carpet Tiles in Your Home

Carpet tiles provide flexibility because the modular squares enable unique designs and patterns with multiple colors and tiles.

Carpet tiles are also easier to transport and handle than 12’ rolls of traditional carpeting.

Carpet tiles are produced in primary colors, custom colors and custom prints and patterns. Although the 18” carpet square is a standard size, carpet tiles are also available in other sizes.

Carpet tiles provide under the foot comfort and noise abatement, as most are pre-cushioned with an attached backing or padding. Carpet tiles and carpet squares are great for high traffic areas.

Carpet Tiles

Modular carpet tiles can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced individually. If a carpet tile wears out or sustains a stain that cannot be cleaned, the individual tile can be removed and replaced without having to replace the entire carpeted surface.

Carpet tiles are easier to maneuver than traditional rolls of carpet. Carpet tile squares are packaged in boxes requiring less floor space for storage and standard containers for transport. Additionally, carpet tiles can be moved and loaded into elevators or even carried up stairwells without special height or accessibility requirements.

Most carpet tiles are cut from rolled carpet they are crafted by the same quality manufacturers such as Milliken, Mannington, Shaw, Mohawk, J & J Industries, Bentley and Interface Flooring.

Carpet tiles are used in for many applications. Commercial carpet tiles are widely used in office buildings, schools, churches, casinos, recreation and sporting facilities and civic institutions.

Residential carpet tiles have become more popular in the home for entry ways, hallways, living rooms and almost any room in the house. Just as with rolled carpet, outdoor carpet squares have applications such as porches and decks.

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