Best Tips for Proper Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning isn’t an activity people look forward to. Yet, it has to be done every spring and fall. It is one of the unwanted chores usually at the bottom of the priority list. Few people can claim to enjoy removing dry leaves and debris from the rooftop. Cleaning is important otherwise the gutter will not fulfill the purpose for which it has been installed. Proper gutter maintenance ensures that the rainwater accumulated on the rooftop does not stay there and flows out. After all, this is the main reason why people buy rain gutters.

You may not be willing to spend your day cleaning the gutters but it is something that has to be done. The longer you delay it, the more difficult it is going to get for you. The rubble accumulates over time and can grow into a thick pile by the time you get around to removing it. However, there are some safety concerns related to gutter cleaning. People fall off the roof or the ladder and get injured. The injuries can be gruesome hence it is essential to follow the best tips for safe cleaning. Here are the best practices for cleaning your gutters.

The Ideal Weather

Gutter cleaning needs effective planning. You have to plan in advance and decide the day on which you are going to do it. First of all, you need the weather forecast for that day. Make sure you select a day on which the skies are clear and there is no chance of rainfall or any other weather problem. The dry leaves are easier to clear and if the debris gets wet, your job becomes tougher.

The Right Gear

To be on the safe side, using protective gear is important. This includes the use of rubber gloves and protective goggles. The debris can include material that is sharp or hazardous and touching it with your bare hands can cause injury or infection. Your eyes need to be protected as well. If you are going to climb on the roof to clean the gutter, wear gym shoes to get better grip so there is minimal chance of slipping.

Cleaning Using a Ladder

Generally, there are two ways in which gutters can be cleaned. The more common way is to get on a ladder and then clean the gutter. Here are some tips for doing it safely.

  • Get a strong ladder with a stable base. If possible, have someone watch over the ladder when you climb on it.
  • Place the ladder securely before climbing. Choose a safe area and a flat surface to place it.
  • Hang a bucket on the ladder using a wire hook. Put all the leaves and other garbage into the bucket.
  • Don’t extend your arms out too much or the ladder will lose balance. Only reach out as far as you can without the ladder losing stability.

The ladder has to be moved around frequently for cleaning the gutters completely.

Climbing on the Roof

The ideal technique for gutter cleaning is climbing up on the roof. This is possible if your roof is low-pitched. There are some considerations to make before doing so.

  • Make sure the roof is dry and it is safe for you to walk on it.
  • Move from top to bottom to save time and energy.
  • Use a backpack blower to clean the gutters. The nozzle of the blower emits air powerfully enough to blow the leaves and other waste from the gutters.
  • Wear gym shoes to get strong grip.

These are the two most commonly used methods for cleaning the gutters. Regardless of your preferred way of gutter maintenance, make sure you follow the tips to ensure your safety.

Olger Fallas is a house painter who does professional gutter cleaning in Maplewood, New Jersey.

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