Before Replacing Kitchen Cabinets, Try Cleaning

New Year, new you, right?  You’ve got Christmas out of the way and your thoughts have turned to the coming year.  Maybe you’ve decided on an image or a new way of looking at life, and are taking advantage of the Christmas and New Year sales to change your wardrobe.

You’re taking all that trouble to make yourself look and feel good, but have you thought about giving your kitchen a makeover?  It’s the ideal time to do it now that the Christmas rush is over, and if you’ve got the sales bug then you probably want to do as much as you can for the minimum cost.  This guide will show you how to give you kitchen cabinet doors the best look they can get.

A Deep Clean

If your kitchen has been in for a while, the kitchen doors are probably starting to look a bit tired.  Before you think about replacing them though, try the cheapest method of all – a good, deep clean that removes everything he kitchen has thrown at it over the last year.

For vinyl or foil wrapped doors, i.e. the MDF type that is found in most kitchens, wipe off any cooking splashes with a damp cloth and, for the record, try to do it as soon as the splash occurs so it doesn’t have time to stain or dry on.

Simple Cleaning Solution

If stains can’t be removed with a cloth, use a mixture of 5% liquid soap and 95% water – anything stronger runs the risk of damaging the vinyl – and remove it that way before drying with a soft cloth.  For solid wood doors, you will want to do broadly similar things with the same strength cleaning solution, though you’ll need to be careful not to remove any paint or varnish as that will stand out immediately.

Beyond Cleaning DIY Improvement

If you can’t get rid of the marks, then it still might be possible to keep the doors.  If you’ve got basic DIY skills, you can buy your own foil or vinyl and re-wrap the doors with a replacement sheet, as long as the wood underneath is still in decent condition.

Take care to remove the old covering and make sure you don’t leave any wrinkles n the new covering, and you’ll have a door that looks brand new.  Similarly, with timber doors you can re-varnish them yourself if needed, or even paint them to give them a fresh new look as long as you give them a sanding to remove any rough edges first.

Sooner or later though, your kitchen doors will get to the point where the wood underneath just isn’t in good enough condition and no matter what you do to them, they’ll still look old and tatty.  That’s the point where you need to think about buying new kitchen cupboard doors.  Take advantage of the promotions and offers in the sales that you see around New Year, and you’ll be able to do it very cheaply, especially if you re-use handles and hinges.

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