Beautify Your Home with Garden Sheds and Outhouses

The warmth of summer is the loveliest time to spend extended periods outdoors, taking in the beauty of flora and fauna or entertaining guests. With your own garden being the perfect setting for outdoor enjoyment, your pleasure can be enhanced wonderfully by adding garden sheds and outhouses to your garden. From plastic sheds to wooden structures to steel outposts, to name a few, garden buildings constructed of a variety of materials provide myriad uses in the garden, while adding grace and beauty to your home.

Offering a convenient location for stockpiling all sorts of garden accoutrement, the storage shed is a popular type of garden shed. While serving a rather utilitarian purpose, this shed can be beautiful, nonetheless, designed to complement your home’s architecture while blending seamlessly with its surroundings. Organisation and storage being the primary purpose for a storage shed, it serves as the perfect container for garden equipment, from rakes to mowers, while also providing the ideal location for storing garden furniture during the winter months.

Similarly, a potting shed is another common choice for gardens. Beloved by true gardeners, they are the quintessential spot for potting plants, arranging bouquets of cut flowers and storing all the accessories for gardening and floral design. Moreover, when equipped with a large table, plenty of shelving and at least one window overlooking the garden, a potting shed is a lovely luxury that quickly feels like a necessity. Perhaps, this explains their popularity

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for so many decades.

Miniature greenhouses, much like potting sheds, are for those who have actual gardening in mind. Often pretty structures, with numerous large windows to solicit the sunlight and warmth needed for growing plants, these garden buildings serve as a cosy home for both indoor and outdoor plants during the cold and inclement weather of winter. In lieu of a potting shed, greenhouses are also the repository for all those tools that a gardener cannot bear to do without.

Yet, garden sheds and outhouses are not merely for plants and storage. Offering excellent accommodations for work and recreation, there is a wide selection from which to choose. What’s more, many of these garden buildings serve their purpose to great advantage all year long. As places to work or conduct business, these structures can be designed as office space, workshops and even art studios.

Supplying the solitude needed to work in quiet and the privacy for receiving clients, garden buildings are the ideal office space. They offer the best of both worlds to those who conduct business from home, proffering the convenience of being steps from home and yet, the autonomy of a separate location. Wired for electricity, they easily integrate all the electronic equipment necessary for business today and can even be adapted for plumbing, as needed, for kitchen and restroom facilities. It is the perfect solution for the home office.

Likewise, workshops and art studios are clear options for use as garden buildings. For carpenters, wood carvers and other artists, or even for those who like to tinker with cars, a workshop is the place for hobbies, crafts and artistry that tend to get a bit too messy or noisy to be accommodated within the home. Providing a self-contained location for power tools, oily substances, paints, clay and other items that can create a grimy or chaotic atmosphere, these garden buildings constructed as workshops or arts studios allow messy endeavours to go on, without concern about marring the aesthetics of the home. With such a haven, hobbyists and artists may never come in!

A wonderful recreational choice, garden sheds and outhouses have more than one use as cottages for entertaining children and guests. Among these are whimsical playhouses for children. Often designed from plastic sheds, these miniature houses frequently are painted in pastel or primary colours to delight a child’s eye. With all parts built on a small scale, from doors to windows to furnishings, children find hours of gleeful entertainment within these walls, bringing along toys, electronic games and anything else to amuse themselves and friends. Safely diverting children’s interest for long periods, these cottages gladden the hearts of parents as well.

Then there are guest cottages. A lovely way to welcome visitors – these charming little homes offer at once the privacy of separate quarters and the companionship of being in close proximity to the main house. These are sometimes built as diminutive replicas of the actual home, replete with shaded porches and pretty window boxes ready to be filled with flowers. Of course, these elegant outhouses have electricity, plumbing and all the amenities of home. It is a gracious way to entertain guests.

With so many uses for garden buildings, selecting only one can become the biggest problem. These garden sheds and outhouses can beautify your home and garden, adding charm along with year around space for work and entertaining.

A post by guest blogger Thomas O’Rourke on behalf of Tiger sheds.

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