Bathroom Mirror: More Than Just Vanity

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” I glumly asked my decades old mirror. The truth is, this mirror came with the standard plastic cabinet which had become brittle and yellowed through the years. Before we installed the light-filtering glass blocks, the bathroom had been exposed to lots of sunlight which accelerated the aging process. However, the newly installed blocks somehow accentuated how old the mirror looked and caused a clash of styles.

Bathroom Decor Custom Vanity Mirror

Simple Choices

I was remodeling a small bathroom on a tight budget and wanted a minimalist style that would serve me well through the years. Classic and elegant meant I had no money for the more frivolous choices I would have picked had money been no object.

My medicine cabinet measured just 18 inches by 18 inches and custom-installed to suit my petite height. This meant that taller people would have to bend or crouch to see their face since the mirror was approximately at the height of their neck. Those even more height-disadvantaged than I was had to tiptoe. It would’ve have been fine if I lived by my lonesome self but family and guests drop by and find the bathroom uncomfortable for touch-ups.

Since I wasn’t too handy with the tools and didn’t want to pay a fancy price for major renovation, I had no option but to select from the stores, Internet or catalogue.

I must admit I’m partial to going to the store and speaking to the handymen who are just so willing to assist novices like me. I made my requirement clear – stick to my budget of $200. My heart was set on a knock-down version of a Queen Anne mirror finished in antique gold but changed my mind because it would look too eclectic against the glass block backdrop.

It got even more confusing as I was led through an aisle full of pretty vanities with matching mirrored cabinets.

Pinning Down Your Choice

I came home from my first three trips empty-handed. There was a huge mismatch between what I had been prepared to pay for and what I would have gotten. I also became wary of choosing from online photos fearing that it might not be a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) thing.

Back to the drawing boards for me and it hit me that I was scrimping on what I might outgrow pretty soon. Having a mirror without storage space defeats the purpose so I decided to go for a more radical approach.

Realizing that the bathroom was really small and a bit claustrophobic, I decided for a long span bathroom mirror which would be installed just above the toilet and extend the whole length of the wall. Fortunately, the toilet was already streamlined fitting in perfectly well.

More Changes

Having changed the mirror I had to make another quick decision to change the vanity to a single sink counter top with space on the right for cosmetics, blow drier and other grooming stuff. We also installed a cabinet to hide the plumbing and to provide extra storage space.

The results were very pleasing indeed. I spent more than the initial $200 I wanted to spare but the elegance and added functionality are well worth the effort and the extra dollars.


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