The Complete Bathroom Decorating Guide

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Custom cabinets will give your new bathroom a designer look that is unique and fits your desired theme like a glove.

Does your bathroom look like it came from the “Brady Bunch” TV set? Bathroom décor is one of the easiest and relatively inexpensive ways to spruce up your home. If your shower curtain was purchased in 1968, the bath rugs in 1972 and the guest towels haven’t been updated in the past ten years, its time for a change!

If your budget includes updating faucets and sinks, start there! No need to rush into accents when there’s work to be done!

But if all you are after is a trip to your local bedding and bath store and 10 minutes to toss together your new look, then obviously fixtures aren’t in the plan! If you need to do a little bathroom maintenance, try checking out our tips and step-by-step instructions on Shower and Bathtub Caulking.

Getting Started on Redecorating Your Bathroom

Whether you’re planning an entire bathroom remodel, decorating a bathroom for the first time or just need to update an older bathroom, you’ve come to the right place. Rafter Tales has assembled the most comprehensive and authoritative set of content on bathroom design, décor and remodeling possible for you. Read on to explore hundreds of tips and ideas you can use in your new bathroom design!

Before and After photographs of a bathroom remodel, showing that you can give your bathroom a new look without going all out on the budget.

Bathroom Fixtures and Cabinets

With thousands of bathroom hardware and fixture options available, how do you select faucets, shower heads and other fixtures that will fit your new bathroom design? We’ve got all kinds of great ideas for you in these complete bathroom fixtures, cabinetry and vanity guides:

Choosing a Bathroom Décor Theme

Whether you choose upscale and luxury or something simple like country or rustic, having a theme in mind will help guide your batroom design.

Themes and variations play an important role in any interior design; bathrooms are no different although understating a room theme is especially important in the bathroom, since function is so critical and space is often limited.

Read our full story on Tuscan Bathroom Design if your tastes run toward the Italian country look. Or, if you like contemporary style, you’ll find what you’re seeking in our story on Contemporary Bathroom Design. Or consider Decorating Your Bathroom in Vintage Style.

If you prefer something a bit more down home, read our Rustic Bathroom Design and Cottage Country Style Bathroom articles for some ideas on making your bathroom cozy.

If you live near the sea or love the serenity of cool tones and water themes, have a look at our pieces on Nautical Decor Themes and Beach Décor to transform your bathroom into an indoor oasis.

Bring nature indoors with the ideas and pictures in our Botanical Bathroom Design story on how to give your bathroom the feeling of a garden of paradise.

We all want our bathroom to look like a designer showcase, but really function is the first consideration.

Going Upscale in Your Bathroom

We cover Elegant Bathroom Design if you want something a bit more traditional, rich and ornate in bathroom décor.

And if you want to do a really special bathroom theme, check out our feature, Designing a Spa Bathroom and transform your bathroom in to a home spa or take it even further and learn more in our Outdoor Home Spas and Bathrooms and Outdoor Showers and Spa Tubs feature stories.

No matter what you’re looking for in bathroom design and decorating, we’ve got some great tips, ideas, pictures and videos to get your going and come back to as your project unfolds and you need to come “back to the well”!

» View Bathroom Decorating Photo Gallery Page 1

» View Bathroom Decorating Photo Gallery Page 2

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