Backyard Renovation to Suit Children and Adults

When redoing a home it is important to take into account all aspects, including the indoors and outdoors. Redoing a backyard can be fun for the whole family, because when done right, it can incorporate aesthetic appeal and a beloved playground for the kids. With the right design, a backyard playground can fulfill every kid’s dream and still look beautiful.

A Safe Playground is a Fun Playground

The first thing to consider in a playground is flooring. The safest and neatest playground flooring on the market today is rubber mulch. Made from eco-friendly recycled rubber tires, the mulch comes in many colors that don’t fade or leave residue on children’s clothing. The colors range from natural rust and dark greens to bright primary colors, for flooring that is vibrant and cheerful.

The mulch playground surface is also odorless, and is available in rubber chips or rubber bond, a smooth, hard surface. Rubber mulch flooring should be patterned in a design that will cordon off the play area for the children, and allow grass in the rest of the playground. It can be designed in fun or sophisticated patterns that will complement its surroundings.

Safe Playground Equipment

When dealing with playground equipment, the options are vast. It is important to check that the equipment has adequate safety features. There should be enough space left around moving equipment, such as swings and seesaws, for children to walk around the equipment without getting hurt. Full bucket swings for toddlers should be hung separately from conventional swings. All swings should be limited to two per bay.

Playground equipment can be purchased in numerous themes, ranging from rustic wooden equipment to sleek, futuristic metal structures, or bright colored plastic equipment. It is important that the equipment follow the theme of the rest of the backyard. For a truly unique look and thrilling fun, Danish playground equipment manufacturer Kompan offers the Miram design – a stainless steel structure with tracks that children can coast along either while sitting or standing. The result is almost like a personal miniature roller coaster! It is also thoughtfully designed with room for onlookers to stand safely.

Backyard for Kids and Adults

A backyard playground can effortlessly combine child-friendly and sophisticated components. It is always a good idea to try to design the kid area in tandem with the natural surroundings. Bushes and hedges can form graceful privacy barriers, rather than metal gates, and the play area should be cordoned off with rubber mulch flooring. Winding paths are a whimsical touch that can further divide the backyard.

In the adult section some focal points may include a water fountain, rock garden, or symmetric flowerbeds. The seating area should be arranged well away from the playground to establish a serene atmosphere. If a pool is present, the playground area must be kept as far away as possible, and the pool should be surrounded by a sturdy, locked fence to ensure safety for the children.

There are many tips and tricks that can transform an ordinary backyard into a taste of paradise for children and adults alike. It is a good idea to browse through magazines for ideas and consulting with a landscaper before embarking on a backyard renovation.

Rebecca Merchant is a mother and lover of beautiful things, who works to incorporate kid-friendly aspects that keep her home attractive. She recommends Rubberecycle rubber mulch for a product that wears well and is safe.

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