Acceptable Viewing – How to Fit a TV into a Design Scheme

Modern TVs are well designed and fit better into most homes than their counterparts from another age – about 20 years ago.  While the latest HD flat screen takes up less room than ever before – for the design conscious, at least, it can present something of a headache.  TVs, even the sleekest, can stick out like – well a big TV in an otherwise well designed home.  There are several ways to ‘disguise’ or incorporate your home entertainment system into your design and they range from the expensive to the affordable.

Working Around Potential Problems

The TV, whether you like it or not, will be a focus in the room and remembering this can help to minimize the impact it can have.  The TV is going to be located where it can be seen from every angle in a room, which is fine when you are viewing, but not so great when it’s off.  Designing the room to fit round the TV, may seem extreme, but doesn’t have to be.  TVs tend to be black, if not the surround at least the screen; mounting the TV on a wall with a darker colour – either paint or wood panelling – can help to blend it seamlessly into the background.  Even highlighting woodwork or other features with a dark colour can tie the whole scheme together.

A Broader Picture

Home entertainment units, TV stands or bookcases can be used to turn the TV into just one feature amongst many – this limits the visual impact of the equipment.  If you are on a budget, a simple way to achieve this effect is to center the TV on a wall (either mounted or freestanding) and add pictures around it.  This makes the TV one of several focal points that should work together and draw attention away from the TV when it is not in use.

An Individual Answer

We love our traditional crafts these days – and adding unique handcrafted items to your home is one way to show off your individuality and taste.  A TV frame can be a great piece of furniture that can be handmade to your specifications, using either warm wood or sleek metal, to frame the TV in a simple, effective and cost efficient way.  TV frames can incorporate speakers and other audio systems to suit your requirements.  Framing your TV also has the advantage of getting it up on the wall away from potential hazards – children for example.  In addition many of the manufacturers of TV frames will offer a mirror glass solution – this is a great way to allow the TV to take pride of place when it’s in use, but ensure that it ‘disappears’ at the flick of a switch!

Around the House

The range of options for minimizing the impact of your TV on the room it is housed in grows every year.  From simple paint effects to large entertainment stations and stands there are options to suit nearly any budget.  The TV frame is certainly one choice that is flexible and adaptable in any room – guest rooms and main bedrooms are particularly suited to this technique, creating a secondary but very useful function for any TV.  As technology adapts, and screens get larger but flatter, framing a TV can be the ideal solution to creating a seamless look to your décor and designs.

TV Mirrors are an attractive, functional solution to the age old dilemma of where to hide the TV, create hand crafted frames for any size TV and to suit your personal interior design. 

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