A Peek at the Latest Style Bathroom Furniture

As our lives have grown busier, we have come to demand a lot from our bathrooms. No longer can we afford to waste time struggling for space in a small-disorganized room, nor do we wish to pass up the opportunity to use our bathrooms as a place to unwind when we finally get the chance. Hence, the latest styles in bathroom furniture are trending toward clean simple lines, a calming color palette and a balance between style and function.

Double sinks continue to be popular and not only amongst those who are lucky enough to have access to a large bathroom. Even the smallest bathrooms are making use of double basins to add a high level of functionality to the room. Of course this makes perfect sense because when there is two of everything frustrations are eased during hectic morning routines.

Whilst double sinks can make even a tiny bathroom work better for everyone in the morning rush, there is a growing desire for a place of respite within each of our homes too. Think spa style getaway just down your hallway and you will gain a quick picture of the type of bathroom furniture that is growing in popularity. Vanity units designed with simple elegance in mind are leading the way, as are lighter tones that reflect nature.

Lighter tones don’t necessarily mean there is a lack of contrast with the latest bathroom furniture, but the palette is still quite subdued. Earthy tones such as sand, chestnut and chocolate dominate along with more natural textures. Above all, the crisp simple lines that we’ve seen grow in popularity over recent times remain sought-after.

Although color is trending toward calmer tones, black is being seen coupled with white modern designs, creating that added sense of mystique and elegance usually reserved for luxury hotels. Curved lines married with black and white balance out any harshness that darker colors might otherwise give off.

Mirrors persist in performing various functions within the bathroom such as reflecting light around a room that houses black furnishings. Embellished mirrors, huge mirrors, mirrors of all shapes and sizes act as a style statement and highly useful item in the bathroom.

Bathroom furniture boasting easy to clean surfaces, practical storage spaces and that are understated continues to be well received, as too are the simple yet elegant square shaped basins. A sense of spaciousness continues to forge ahead as one of the most important elements when it comes to the feel of our bathrooms, with floating vanity units, frameless showers and clear glass all serving that need well.

It makes sense that the latest style in bathroom furniture moves further toward simple elegance coupled with high functionality as we squeeze more out of life but yearn for our own private oasis at the end of those busy days. No matter what the trends are though, staying true to your own style means you will always have your own special place to retreat to.

Tauseef Hussain is an interior decorator and social media blogger for QS Supplies, the online shop for Bathroom Furniture and home décor fixtures (for UK citizens).

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