A Cost-Saving Home Improvement Project? Why Window Tinting Could Be The Answer

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’re no stranger to some of the expenses involved. Between mortgage payments, bills, utilities and maintenance, any sort of cost reduction can work to reinforce our financial security. What most homeowners have not been informed is that their next cost reduction measure may also be their next home improvement project. For anybody seeking to cut energy expenses while adding a decorative touch, the following information may be worthwhile reading:

Benefits of Window Tinting

Aside from contributing an extra element of décor, home window tinting, when it’s installed, acts as a barrier between your home and unwanted elements. The significant UV absorption afforded by window films works to preserve the longevity of cherished valuables. (think about your leather sofa). That’s before mentioning your own skin. Before impacting what you pay for energy, it may work to protect valuables as well as your skin’s health.

What’s more, is that window tinting works effectively to shield your home against incoming thermal heat. When that happens, it allows for decreased air conditioning usage. Unsurprisingly, homeowners can expect to pay decreased energy bills when less air conditioning is used. Some experts assert that home tinting is capable of paying for itself in as little as one year.

What’s most remarkable about that is that tinting may be among an extremely short list of any home decoration project that actually lends to cost efficiency. Often times, window tinting can be used to compliment the home’s exterior paint. During other instances, a certain shade may blend terrifically with interior décor.

Reducing Glare Beautifully

One common misconception about window tinting is that it is only available in dark colors (the same way it is on most cars). However, with residential tinting, the options are considerably wider. For a more subtle tone, you may wish to consider an aquamarine hue. Many are surprised how subtly it blends with all sorts of designs. If your home already has a lot of decoration, you may wish to consider a subtle, complimentary tone. For those looking to add some pizzazz, window tinting affords the perfect median for that as well.

There’s another component to residential tinting that you may have also overlooked: Glare reduction. While a non-issue for some, if your windows face directly into the morning or afternoon sun, you may be full well familiar with the nuisance if causes. Also consider this: with the reduced glare inside your home (during some hours), perhaps the other elements of your home design will be better reflected. When you consider that this is a measure that is capable of saving homeowners significantly on energy costs, it is actually quite remarkable.

Green Advantages

Not only does residential tinting save homeowners on expenses, it effectively reduces emissions as well. It can be said that tinting is a practice from which homeowners and the Planet benefit alike. Imagine the environmental efficiency heralded in by your own financial efficiency?

So effective is window tinting in eco-sustainability that it is not uncommon for governments to grant tax benefits for its implementation. In the USA, for one, the IRS allows up to a 10% tax deduction on material costs to a maximum of $500. More about this can be found through the IRS. It is also advisable to check with your state and local governments to see if there additional incentives they offer.

Before Installing Window Tinting

If considering a home tinting project, be sure to take in several film previews before proceeding to installation; it could make for a much more pleasurable experience. Further, be sure to check into the degree of heat protection the film offers: This could make a substantial difference in the type of heat protection you will actually receive. Doing a moderate amount of research before the project can be the difference in making a satisfying high-value purchase. If your home has large, sun-facing windows, window tinting may be the type of cost reduction you were looking for.

Jared Diamond is a content contributor about window tint topics for Detail Wiz Auto Services. On top of enjoying automotive restoration projects, he enjoys bringing up environmental awareness.

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