5 Novel Places Where You’ll Find Solar Panels

Solar panel technology has advanced quickly in recent years, leading to some very unexpected uses. The panels now turn up in very unusual places, as more and more people begin to look for cheap and environmentally friendly methods of generating power. Here are a few of the stranger locations for solar panels:

The Graveyard Solar Power Plant

In Santa Coloma de Gramenet, near Barcelona, Spain, the people decided to put the local cemetery to use. Solar panels are mounted on top of mausoleums and graves. The nearly 462 panels provide the yearly needs of 60 homes. They do not block those paying their respects.

Solar Amish

They might not have cars, or zippers on their pants, but many Amish in Pennsylvania are adopting solar panels for power generation. That seems to be a contradiction to their rejection of “all things modern,” but their lifestyle of self-sufficiency seems to walk hand in hand with it. They’re the largest purchasers of solar panels in the state.

Solar Backpacks

When hiking, don’t let a dead cell battery stop you from calling for help. The solar panels will charge cell phones and other electronic gadgets, so you’ll always have tunes, and the ability to call anyone. Lay the pack in the sun while you get a drink of water in the shade, charge your phone or favorite tunes gadget, and hit the trail again.


The next time you go to the marina, check out how many catamarans have solar panels on their multi-hulls. These panels provide most, if not all the needs of the passengers and the crew. Just imagine, enjoying your vacation by sailing on a catamaran and producing all the power you need without docking once.

Sanyo’s Solar Ark

Looking like a giant car spoiler, this building in the Gifu Prefecture, in the geographical center of Japan, Sanyo’s solar ark produces power. Hundreds of offices are inside the building. This 315 meter (1,033.46 feet) long, 37 meters (121.391 feet) tall building is covered with over 5,000 solar panels and generates over 500,000 KWh of electricity.

Solar panels will continue to emerge throughout our environment in the most unusual places. Tapping into the virtually unused real estate of cemeteries is both uncomfortable and sensible. The panels don’t disturb the residents or those paying their respects. They quietly provide needed power without noise, fumes or mess.

Imagine solar panels on shopping carts, which could power cell phones, on mailboxes plugged into a device that calls the recipient and lets them know they have mail, solar panels on the dog house (Fido can prove useful) and other novel places. Stop signs could have solar panels that charge batteries and light up at night, preventing accidents.

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