5 DIY Steps to Ensure Your House is Warm this Winter

Nobody likes a cold house so why not arrange plumbing insurance, turn up the heating and do a bit of DIY? There’s nothing worse than a cold breeze, so visit your local home store and show off your handy work.
Here are 5 ways to make your house cosy – without calling a plumber.

  1. Bleed Your Radiator

To ensure your heating is working properly, why not bleed your radiator? It might sound complicated, but it’s actually very simple so there’s no need phone a professional. All you have to do is turn off the central heating and slip the bleed key into the bleed valve. Turn it anticlockwise and let any trapped air come hissing out. Once water starts dribbling, tighten the valve once again and switch the heating back on – simple.

  1. Insulate Water Pipes

Cold weather can cause water pipes to freeze, so it’s important to protect them with lagging. Insulating your plumbing will lock in heat and stop extensive water damage occurring. Cold water tanks and hot water cylinders can be fitted with special insulation jackets and you’ll find these are pretty cheap to buy. A burst pipe can severely damage your home, so you might want to take out water supply pipe cover– just in case.

  1. Insulate Your Loft

The government states that every loft should have between 10 – 11 inches of insulation, so you might need to top it up. If you’re confident at DIY you could always do this yourself. Make sure everything is cleared out of the loft before you start and make sure you wear protective gear. Always take accurate measurements and buy enough loft roll to complete the job properly.

  1. Put Up Heavy Curtains

Before the cold weather really hits invest in a pair of heavy curtains and put them up in your front room. They’ll stop nasty drafts from blowing through your windows and will help lock in heat. If you’re buying them from a home store, opt for a pair with an insulated backing as they’ll offer more protection from the cold.

  1. Seal Up Drafts

Chilly drafts not only make you freezing but they create huge electric bills and waste precious energy. Therefore it’s essential to replace old windows before the cold weather hits and to seal around doors. A draft excluder can also stop nippy winds from entering your home and double glazing offers extra protection. If you’ve a chimney always close the flue when the fire’s not in use and perhaps invest in a draft stopper.

Winter’s just around the corner, so make sure your house is warm and snug.

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