4 Areas of Your Home to Remodel to Increase Property Value

For many people, one of the major reasons to remodel their home is for it to sell someday. They know that they may need to move in the very near future and want to get the work done while there is time. Then when it is time to sell, everything will be ready for the home to sell quickly. There are four areas that a homeowner should consider remodeling for a home to sell quickly.

1.  Basement

The first area is the basement, if the house has one. The homeowner has two alternatives here or they can try to join the two. The home needs to have a basement where the family can hang out and have a good time. The house also needs to have lots of storage. Think about combing the two for the best price when it comes time for remodel. Most families today are watching lots of television. Consider building an elaborate natural wood entertainment center into the room. Include plenty of space for all the gaming equipment. Since basements tend to be dark, make sure and use light colors in the basement.

2.  Attic Bedroom

Any time an additional bedroom can be added to the house it ups the market value. Consider turning the attic into a bedroom. It can be a quaint little kid’s room with lots of unique things. Accentuate the unique architectural elements of the room. For example, if the roof runs at a angle use a wall paper border and run it at the same angle. Attic bedrooms are perfect places to put Murphy beds. Have fun with it and try to build as much of the detail into the room as possible.

3.  Kitchen

With the economy being in the shape it is, people have turned to entertaining at home. Therefore, people want a big

kitchen with lots of storage. People also want new appliances and will pay more when the appliances are still under warranty.  Sometimes you can get great deals on these appliances by finding using Buy.com coupons. If possible, people love an open floor plan, where the kitchen opens up into another room. People love a window over the sink. When redoing the counter tops and floor consider using natural materials. The look of natural materials is one that people are particularly fond of, especially if they are natural to that particular geographic region. People want room to entertain in the kitchen. When possible make sure and include a seating area in this room.

4.  The Master Bedroom

Again, because people are staying home more, they want a bedroom that is spacious with lots of storage. Have fun with the master bathroom. Include lots of space, a whirlpool tub and a spa. Houses are often bought because the potential buyer just had to have the master bathroom. Meanwhile, until you are ready to sell the house, you have the fun of using it. Again, people love natural colors here. Make sure the room can easily be darkened. Consider making this room sound proof.

There are so many things that one can do when remodeling a home that will increase the property value. Make sure to incorporate natural colors and lighting in the flooring and on counter tops. When it comes time to sell the home, you will be glad that you did.

This post was written by Kimberly Johnson who enjoys writing about home improvement and other real estate areas for iowacityrealestate.com.



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