2011 Trends in Home Improvement

Want to know what experts have to say about this year’s home improvement trends? We’ve got a top 10 list, plus a great Infographic that gives you a quick snapshot of what 50 experts think the hot topics will be in 2011 for homeowners, DIYers, designers and contractors. You should be able to find plenty of inspiration here!

Top 10 Home Improvement Trends for 2011

2011 Home Improvement Trends

  1. Staying Put – More homeowners will choose to stay in their current home and invest in home improvements instead of trading up
  2. Mini-Renovations – Homeowners understand that small updates and changes can drastically enhance the look and livability of their home
  3. Curb Appeal – More homeowners will focus on exterior face lifts (new roofing, siding, window and door replacements, etc.)
  4. Green Living – Homeowners are more keen than ever on making their home safer, more energy efficient and that materials used are eco-friendly
  5. Smaller Spaces – Since many homeowners are choosing to stay put, they are also more focused on maximizing use of existing space!
  6. Home Technology – Wireless Internet and mobile devices, audio/video systems and home entertainment will continue to be popular investments
  7. Natural Inspiration – More homeowners desire to bring the outdoors inside the home with organic materials and colors
  8. Value Awareness – Luxury investments will continue to take a back seat as homeowners seek value and getting the biggest bang for their buck
  9. More Color – While many homeowners continue to choose neutral wall colors, infusing color with accessories and smaller pieces, Pantone has named Honeysuckle as the color of the year for 2011

Home Improvement Trends 2011

Source: eLocal.com

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