100% Wood Floors Still Preferred Over Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood floors are an amazing addition to any property.  If you don’t have wood floors and ever have the opportunity to have them installed, do it.  It’s a great move.  There’s nothing as classic, lively and earthy as wood floors.  They can be elegant, they can be rustic, and they can complement a lot of different styles.

Wood Floors Can Be Refinished Many Times

One of the greatest things about them is the fact they can be refinished. A wood floor has multiple inches of thickness.  Engineered wood flooring is only real wood in the top layer for a thickness a few millimeters up to a centimeter.  100% authentic wood flooring has plenty of opportunity to refinish the floors over the years.

Avoid Damage from Water and Foot Traffic

When you have thick, authentic wood floors you can refinish and reseal them many times.  Care for them correctly to get the most use you can form them, naturally.  Put rugs in high traffic areas to keep them from wearing out in those areas before the rest of the floor.  Don’t wear high heels on wood floors.  Do that correctly and you’re floors can last almost forever!

Moisture is the main enemy of wood floors.  Have rugs in front of the sink, dishwasher, and in front of entrances to the home.  If water spills from a pet water bowl or spill from the fridge it can wreak havoc on a floor.  It only takes a few hours for the boards to warp so keep the wood dry!

Regular Maintenance

If you can avoid water damage, pet urine, and deep gauges, in addition to covering high traffic areas then your floors will have serious staying power.  Then, pay for the cost of a professional wood floor refinisher come in every five years to give a light buff and recoat.  A light sanding will take virtually no wood off the thickness.  It’s the severe damage that will force you to have the floor sanded down fractions of inches.  That’s what you want to avoid.

So spend the money on the 100% authentic woods floors over the engineered.  It’s worth the cost of authentic hardwood floors if it’s a property you will own for years and you know the floors will be taken care of well.  Take care of them and they will last a long time for you.

James Rollins is a writer for hardwood flooring publications and newsletters.

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