10 Tips to Garage Spring Cleaning

It’s springtime! And you know what that means. The two most dreaded words, “spring cleaning”.  Yes, it’s time to crawl out of hibernation and get ready to enjoy all the things that come with spring, from planting flowers and a garden, to breaking out the bikes for a long ride in the sunshine.

One of the first steps to being spring ready is to have a cleaned and organized garage. But it doesn’t have to be a dreaded event. Just follow these 10 steps from professional organizers, and you’ll have a painless garage cleaning experience and be ready to treat yourself to a spring barbeque!

1.Be prepared. Depending on how long it’s been since you last cleaned your garage, it could measure up to be a messy job. Have everything you need on hand, from push brooms and hoses to rags and cleaners. And be sure to wear long sleeves and pants.

2.Move everything out of the garage and separate into categories. Before you can organize, it’s important to rid yourself of all the unnecessary things you have. So take everything out and sort it into piles. Things to donate things to dispose of, etc.  Then organize items by usage, such as sports equipment.

3.Clean. Before you can fully organize, you need to clean out the space. For oil spills, pour cat litter on them to absorb and then sweep up. Wipe out cupboards and containers and sweep out the garage and follow up by hosing out.

4.Determine the purpose of your garage. An important step to making your garage space as useful as possible is to decide its purpose. Outline all of the uses for your garage before you begin, is it for parking, equipment storage, a play area, a workshop?

5.Make a floor plan. Once you determine the purpose for your garage, make a rough sketch of what the space will look like and where things will go. Measure beforehand to make sure everything will fit before buying any organizational tools. And keep in mind walkways, doors, hanging space, and vehicle parking.

6.Create garage organizational system. Make a list of the things you will need to purchase for organization. Don’t forget about using the ceilings. You can get bike hooks for ceilings or shelving for rarely use items like holiday décor. There are a number of website that sell organizational gear like Flowwall.com, storewall.com. Costco also offers a variety of wall units and hooks. Using clear bins a good way to know where things are stored.

7.Install Fixtures and Hardware. Put shelving and furniture in place first to make sure everything fits.

8.Bring in large items. This is where you put your sketch to work and bring in all your large items.

9. <Organize and label. With all of the big pieces in place, you can bring in the small items to organize in drawers or on shelves and label as needed.

10. Done! Now all you need to do is pull in your car, close the door and enjoy your newly organized space.

Kristy Hessman is a freelance writer for a variety of print and online media including CouponPal. Click here to find the latest deals: http://couponpal.com/coupon-code-lists/internet-security


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