10 Lawn Care Tips You Need to Know

The lawn is usually the first place that a visitor will see in your house. Some even believe that a good lawn means a good home and the owner is a person of great discipline and status. Taking this thing in consideration, indeed, taking care of your lawn is very important and a healthy looking lawn is essential for a home to have a feel that welcomes everyone. It will also make your visitors look on you more highly and with more respect.

If you are worried about lawn care, there is a lot that you can learn.  The more you know about lawn care, the easier that


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it is going to be.  Make sure that you understand what you need to do to take care of your lawn and know the little tips and tricks that will really help you out.  Remember, a good lawn is a good home so take these simple and easy tips to heart seriously.

Here are ten lawn care facts that you need to know:

1. Use Fertilizer. Every lawn needs fertilizer no matter how great it looks.  Take the time to put fertilizer on your lawn or hire someone that will for you.  This will make a huge difference in the appearance of your lawn and will make it look even greener. You may use organic or chemical fertilizers, but nevertheless, use it with great care.

2. Earthworms are bestfriends. Earthworms are great for your lawn.  Basically, they provide aeration that your lawn desperately needs.  Find a way to cultivate the earthworms and to get their help. Earthworms usually thrive in lawns that are rich in dead organic materials.  So, whenever you mow your lawn, make sure that you don’t get rid of all the grass cuttings in your lawn and leave some for the worms, or you may always feed them with composts and organic matter.

3. Don’t Cut the Grass too Short. Mowing your lawn is very healthy for the grass. It gives opportunity for newer grass sprouts to get equal amount of sunlight as the older ones and thrive the same as the old ones. However, many lawn owners commit the mistake of cutting the grass too short. Cutting your grass too short is really bad for it.  You can

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actually damage the grass because you are exposing the newer grass to the harsh sun.  Make sure that you are giving your grass the cover that it needs and that you know how to cut it.

4. Use sod if you need to. Sod is a great tool because it allows you to get a great base to start with; you can have sod installed and have a brand new lawn.  There are all kinds of great sod options that you can choose from.

5. Put your lawn on a schedule. Make sure that you are taking care of your lawn; make sure that you are set up to mow it at a certain time every week.  If you can’t do it, hire someone that can. Keeping the grass short will help it grow new sprouts and also help it thrive without giving opportunity for weeds to grow tall and mature.

6. Get rid of the weeds. Weeds will destroy your lawn; make sure that if you see these things popping up in your lawn that you take care of it.  Dandelions may look pretty but they are killing your lawn. There are various weed control products there but take care of using them as it may damage your lawn instead. Use it sparingly and only when you really know how to use it. You can always hire a professional to do it for you.

7. Mulch it. Your mulcher can actually act as a natural compost option.  The great thing is that today, most mowers actually come with a mulching option so you don’t even have to do any work.

8. Water is everything. Make sure that you are watering your lawn.  Chances are, it needs more water than it is getting, you can provide that water with in ground sprinklers or even an above ground sprinkler.  Just make sure you are doing it.

9. Check your water. Over treated and salty water can cause some huge issues.  Make sure that you don’t have too much softener in your water and that it is good for your lawn.

10. Check your mower blades. Dull mower blades will damage your lawn.  Make sure that the blades that you are using on your lawn mower are sharpened and are going to get the job done.  Dull blades will just destroy your grass.

With these tips for your lawn, taking care of it is really as simple as 10 steps. Just make sure that you can commit time and effort in taking care of the lawn.


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