Tips For Keeping Your Yard Pristine

If you have lawn problems, you’re not alone. Keeping your yard pristine isn’t easy, especially when you’re up against shaded areas, grass pests, and nuisance animals. Read on for tips on how to get your yard where you want it to be and keep it that way.



Photo by Simon Howden

Small holes throughout your yard are a sure-fire sign of chipmunks. These little critters can do significant damage to your yard.

When you notice these small holes, it’s time to get serious about chipmunk control, such as applying repellents or using traps to catch and release them elsewhere.

Repellents also work well if you’re seeing larger holes, possibly due to groundhogs or rabbits.

Bald Patches

There are a bunch of reasons why you may have bald patches in your grass.

If the bald patch is because of bugs, try removing the dead grass. Once gone, water and fertilize the spot. Then seed it.

Another reason why you may have bald patches is because of unwanted animals coming into your yard and relieving themselves. Usually it’s a dog or cat, but other animals can cause bald spots as well.

The nitrogen in animal waste sits on your grass and essentially burns it as though you’ve over-fertilized your yard. After you remove the damage area and reseed it, you’ll want to take steps to keep these unwanted visitors out.

Fences can work but they can be costly and time-consuming to install. Moreover, they affect the aesthetics of your yard. A better option may be liquid or granular repellent. You can get repellent that is powerful, organic, and targets more than one animal. For instance, if you’re getting rabbit repellent, some can even be used to repel deer so you can repel two animals with one bottle.

Grow Grass Effectively

No matter the cause of the bald patches, make sure you wait until the temperature is 52 degrees consistently before you plant new grass. At this temperature the seeds will grow.

When removing the dead area, use a sharp spade or shovel to cut it out. Then, lift out the dead turf with the flat part of the spade. Since you’ll be left with a hole, you’ll want to fill it in with clean topsoil until it’s level with the rest of your yard. Once it’s level, take a rake through it to get rid of any big clumps. You want the spot smooth.

Now that it’s smooth, you can add your seed. Sprinkle a thin layer of seeds and then gently rake them into the topsoil. You can keep it moist and better protected from birds by covering it with straw.

Water the seeds every day until they germinate. Ideally, you should water it twice a day in the early morning and evening. Direct sunlight is not new grass’ friend.

Now that you have more information on how to make your grass pristine, including the importance of chipmunk control, your next step should probably be learning more about repellents, like skunk repellent. Guest post written by Michelle Anderson.

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