Relax Outdoors with a Porch Swing

What should you look for when you buy a porch swing? Most porch swings are made from various types of wood. The most common are cedar, pine, cypress and alder.

Cedar is the most desirable wood for porch swings because it is ages beautifully, is naturally resistant to rot, and insect proof. When new, cedar is red in color; it goes brown and eventually silvery gray, as it ages. It is also fairly lightweight.

There are two types of cedar used – Northern White Cedar and Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar swings are considered to be the best option, because of its beautiful rich red color and its uniform, fine-grained texture, which has a satiny luster. It also has a very pleasant smell which makes using it quite enjoyable.

Porch Swing

A cypress patio swing is another option. Cypress is very durable, and it is also naturally resistant to decay and insects because of its oil content. Its original color is like pale honey, and as it ages it goes gray.

Pine patio swings are also popular. Pine is the least expensive of all quality woods, and it is lightweight and rot resistant. It looks very attractive, with natural knots present in the wood. On the downside, pine is not terribly durable of all woods, and it also requires regular staining to prolong the life of your swing.

Alder is a strong, durable and relatively inexpensive wood. Alder is very practical, but the wood itself doesn’t have any attractive pattern, so it is usually painted.

Most patio swings have similar seats made of horizontal slats, but what makes the difference is the style of the back.

The most traditional is a straight top to bottom back with vertical slats. This style of back offers you a classic look and the most comfort. You can also get backs that are straight at the bottom and then roll backward at the top.

Some swing backs also have decorative carvings at the top. Many people opt for weatherproof cushions on the bottom and back of their swing. If you will be doing this, the style of the back is not as important, as it will not be visible.

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